April 13, 2024

We live in an era in which rap and hip hop music is no longer considered subversive and has been sufficiently integrated into the core of mainstream culture. Its fruits are apparent, with a whole bunch of new wave artists coming under the spotlight from the most disparate corners of the globe. With the genre continuously expanding and evolving, it’s always unclear what kind of direction rap is headed to with the plurality of its voices. The last couple of years have yielded a plethora of captivating newcomers. Not last in line is Fabes a rapper from Lennox Head Australia NSW. He is currently promoting his single “Rari” (Prod KDaGreat).

With a natural knack for a crystal clear rhythmic flow that separates him from many contemporaries, he makes songs that paint the picture of an artist who isn’t afraid of speaking his mind, while like any other rapper also having ambitions to flex his wares and take over the world.

Over the past few months, he’s been getting buzz for earlier tracks like “Distractions” and “Oa Ya Head” which showed his skill in delivering lyrically intense bars. Then he dropped “Cruisin” (prod JoeMay Beats), and now “Rari”, which showcase his effortless ability to write sticky rhymes and melodic hooks that have a way of climbing inside your brain and never leaving.

Whether he’s floating over beats anchored by stylish pop synths, soulful slow rhythms, or plunging 808s, Fabes keeps a stash of flows and sharp bars that show he has the makings of one able to create his own lane. He skillfully bounces between the evolving scenes of rap and hip-hop, and like any player who can play multiple sides of the floor, forcing his peers to step their game up.

And with other songs like the immediately catchy “Rari”, juxtaposed against the slow and introspective “Peace of Mind” (prod Charlie Jay), he’s already proven he has a variety of styles at his disposal. Fabes treats the groovy, feel-good tropical-styled beat on “Rari”, provided by Prod KDaGreat, like a street corner pulpit, ready to speak his mind, and establish his dominance beyond any question.

“I don’t want to flex in an army, I just want to drive in a rari. I ain’t really looking for a shorty. So won’t you tell them, I’m not really sorry” exclaims Fabes. His message comes through loud and clear as he shows his ear for a meaningful rhyme: “I feel my bones ache, probably because I sitting at home just writing raps til I fucking pass out in the throne. But it’s not bad, because I’m just procrastinating my flows, and going hard, I’m just trying to put on a show.”

“Rari” (Prod KDaGreat) is guided by an infectious exuberance that make it endlessly catchy without having to follow all the traditional pop and rap conventions. Fabes is an artist who can effortlessly translate simple stories of life into catchy, ear warming rap songs, and “Rari” is the latest to grab our attention. Fabes makes narratives that you can party to in one verse, and learn a life lesson from, in another. There’s a sneaky depth and nuance to his songwriting on “Rari”.


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