July 19, 2024

The artistic drive at the heart of the single, “B.O.M.B (Body on My Body)” can be summarized as thus. Nia Suhn’s delivery is inherently spitfire, her lyricism bluntly explicit. But more importantly, her confidence is tinged with unbridled, outspoken swagger. The familiar themes of sex, power and lust manifest themselves in the sultry weave of the narrative, as the 30 year old singer, songwriter, and rapper from Boston, Massachusetts’ verses, are underscored by a whirlwind of hi-hats, snares and expertly-placed bass drum thumps.

As mainstream women rappers become more plentiful and amass the respect they rightfully deserve, Nia Suhn’s authenticity – next to her rapturous execution of self-empowered, sexually aware verses – is one of her most beloved traits.  Lyrically, nothing is off-limits as she acknowledges devastating loss — and tenacity

“B.O.M.B (Body on My Body)”, in all of its rawness, finds Nia expressing who she is, while dabbling in the kind of broadmindedness, the new wave of rap listeners are famished for. More than anything though, Nia Suhn’s strength and boldness shine when she raps, always without an ounce of doubt in her voice. Her latest work showcases exactly that bravado.

She obliterates the beat without batting an eyelash, delivering an exhilarating listen. “B.O.M.B (Body on My Body)” describes Nia Suhn as a sexual woman who towers over men, highlighting her allure with its bouncy flow and badass lyrics. Nia punctuates each descriptive word with a laid back sense of control, leisurely rapping while simultaneously staying on top of the beat.

“Touch me, tease me. I know you want my body. Pull up and put it on me. You want it. I need it,” is just the entrée before Nia lays it on the line. “Let’s get deep, I want to fill you in my feet. Pressure in this pussy, when we fuck it feels elite.” She makes it clear who’s the boss, while keeping her claims short, simple, and rhythmic. Throughout “B.O.M.B (Body on My Body)”, Nia Suhn both embraces and innovates on rap tropes.

Nia may be generous with her explicit lyrics, but her music goes deeper than just simple brags. Her sexuality is not weaponized to deprecate women either. Rather, she sounds like a sexually liberated female, totally in charge of her body and emotions. She’s in control, on her own terms. There are only a few female rappers that can evoke simultaneous respect and desire, Nia Suhn is one of them.

This project is clearly just a warm-up for her talent, and Nia Suhn should not have her momentum stopped by anything right now. “B.O.M.B (Body on My Body)” is enough to prove she’s already better than many of her more emblazoned contemporaries. She’s a sharper rapper, a stronger songwriter, and her sound is multi-faceted and confident.

On “B.O.M.B (Body on My Body)”, Nia offers up an irresistible sex-driven bounce, to show she can captivate. She is undeniably one of the more self-assured, creative, and memorable rappers of the moment. Her bar is set very high, so we have plenty of good stuff to look forward to from Nia Suhn in the near future.


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