June 24, 2024

Norwegian rapper, singer and producer, Lupae Filius creates all sounds on his own, from start to finished product. Highly respected in the Norwegian rap scene, Lupae has been working his craft for 13 years. The artist, who has formed multiple groups back home, started gaining international attention in 2018, and also produces music on a global level. The creative is currently promoting his single “Run”.

Despite the hip hop industry being a predominantly black American dominated industry, some great rappers still exist and thrive outside of that demographic. Part of the allure of Lupae Filius, and especially so on “Run”, is trying to get in front of the hail of words he fires off at fully automatic speeds. His free-form verse structure and impulsive word association are at once impacting.

Lupae Filius is deeply entrenched in clever word play, creating lyrical atmospheres not slogans. “Run” is one line of sick dexterous prose after another being thrown at you non-stop. Lupae punches his way through the track, rising up to the energy that’s already building on the song. It’s far more deft and congruent than many of his American counterparts’ obtuse Trap verses.

The further “Run” burrows inside of Lupae Filius’ brain, the more urgent and anxious he appears, racing around the track and hurdling over the warning messages he is sending out. You could quite easily misconstrue the tenacity of the Norwegian rapper’s music, as one man’s anger, but what’s probably most telling about “Run”, is how intelligent he is with it. Lupae sounds somewhat industrious, pouring tension and a vicious edge into his rhythmic heavy production.

He’s definitely pushed the envelope and progressed further than he did on his previous work. “Run” is a biting statement of intent. In an ever-evolving independent rap landscape, his dense compositions like “Run” break out of the expected hip hop templates and earn him the tag of a forward-thinking rapper and producer. The song screams out about the level of thought and the kind of emotion that’s behind the track.

Lupae Filius is a literal writer, using his music to clear his mind and speak on issues bothering him. That’s something that’s obvious from the very beginning of “Run”, but what’s neat about the track is the intense stream of consciousness he unloads across the verses.

The track reflects strength, eloquence, and emotional power, as Lupae’s flow commands your attention. The song’s delivery oozes defiance, its widescreen beat knocking you for six while letting you know exactly how things stand.

“Run” is by far Lupae Filius’ most accomplished chapter, wrought with urgency and injected with rhymes that are unapologetically raw and showcase razor-sharp clarity. The atmosphere throughout is ferociously vibrant.

Hip Hop and rap was about striving for something; it was about thoughtful, provocative verses, intent on allowing us to examine ourselves socially, culturally and intellectually. In recent years it has become a pantomime of itself. On “Run” Lupae Filius brings back that edgy combative vibrancy. It’s hard to criticize such a carefully constructed, compellingly produced song.


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