June 18, 2024

Zeus Da Don is a female rapper based out of Ohio. She has a new album coming out April 4, called “Ungodly Manners”, but in the meantime is making an impression with her EP “Deception”. Female artists are not just topping charts; they’re also challenging and expanding the limits of the genre.

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Zeus Da Don is equal parts unpredictable and calculated, she delivers an all-encompassing blend of music that leaves listeners in the palm of her hand. Her individuality transcends her music, as she flips between soulful melodic backdrops to steady slapping beats on which she makes her personal statements and drops her poetic wizardry.

The EP opens with the slow burning drip of “sexture.” ft. Daniel Cruz. Zeus Da Don’s suave verses are understated and mesmerizing gently drawing you into her hypnotic web of words. The song is saturated with confidence, class, brilliance, and personality. The thumping head nodding production on “delerious.”, work as Zeus Da Don’s launch-pad, but it’s her character and her flow that put her on top.

It’s this type of arrangement that perhaps showcases Zeus Da Don in her best light, as a fiery lyrical force tackling dynamic beats with natural ease. Her desire for stylistic diversity is evident on the rumbling canvas of “fade 2 black.”, which forges a dark and luxurious beat. It’s a coherent listening experience that finds Zeus Da Don showcasing her prose, as she spills syllables with dizzying aplomb.

An EP that relies on many different production flavors and side-steps between diverse stylings, “Deception” pulls off the impressive feat of drawing the listener back into its embrace track after track. Chock full of depth and smooth wordplay, this record is a stunningly produced whirlwind pinned down by Zeus Da Don’s sassy but thoughtful rap flow and lightened with her caramel coated voice.

“rwm” which runs atop a slowed down sample of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You”, by and large, blurs the lines between innovation and nostalgia, incorporating tantalizingly fresh touches. Here Zeus Da Don has managed to confidently create a track that’s bold with its intentions and sounds, as she engages her wordplay with a classic pop motif.  She uses it as a clever and entertaining tool to bounce her lyrical creative off of.

Overall, “Deception” is an exciting listen filled with wonderful moments. There’s nothing out there to directly compare Zeus Da Don to. She seems to know what sound she wants and ploughs straight forward into her very own lane on this EP. “Deception” has instances of stunningly original songwriting and there’s rarely a dull moment. It is also a showcase for Zeus Da Don as a rapper. Several of her verses showcase her gift for wordplay.

Zeus Da Don has put together a nearly flawless track-list on “Deception” that reveals her to be an ambitious and musically adventurous artist. She has a great instrument in her voice, and she knows how to use it. Moreover, Zeus Da Don’s choice in beats is sublime and the way she manipulates her flow and sound makes her a welcomed talent and a much-needed one.


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