June 13, 2024

J-Kal Kalifornia is getting ready to drop his new project “KALIFORNIA WYSHMASTER & STONE” on February 17th. The EP will feature production from Wyshmaster Beats and features from artist Stevie Stone. Gary Jermaine Smith known as J-Kal Kalifornia is an artist from the West Coast. He has a distribution deal with Awal Music, and has his own independent label F.M.R. Records. J-Kal is a creative who wears many hats. He composes, records, mixes and masters tracks, while also being able to create the cover artwork. J-Kal Kalifornia has totaled a series of single and EP releases as well as a DVD.  He also recently dropped the single “Can’t You Feel Me Now”, a song especially created for the Snoop Dogg contest.

In the late 80s and 90s, the West Coast dynasty ruled the rap game. Since then, the Atlanta hip hop scene has taken over with trap music holding the game by its neck. But there are many deadly rappers on the rise to uphold the new West Coast dynasty. J-Kal Kalifornia forms part of this refreshing pack. His passionate flows and smart rhyme schemes mixed with hypnotizing instrumentals make for very interactive bangers.

J-Kal Kalifornia’s effortless rap style which can be witnessed on his “Kalifornia the Album” project, compliments his clever wordplay and engaging flow. The tracks here deliver an excellent energy boom where J-Kal flaunts his West Coast swag paired brilliant rhymes. His exciting style can be compared to legendary emcees from the past bringing the listener back to that West Coast golden age.

To be fair, J-Kal Kalifornia’s catchy flows and hard-hitting punchlines is able to give an engaging listening experience to audiences from any coast – East or West. J-Kal Kalifornia’s greatest attribute as an artist is his innate ability to be forthright with his listeners without ever coming off trite. Bass stomps and synth slashes, in rapid rhythm on “Can’t You Feel Me Now”, allow J-Kal to show his versatility as a rapper.

The track is truly at its best when J-Kal Kalifornia finds the balance between his own west coast brand, and the groovy tone he’s searching for. As usual the best thing J-Kal’s tracks do, is slap. Moreover his delivery provides the sharp punctuation to production that is worthy of praise for maintaining a consistent level of craft and being impossibly catchy. Buoyed by these forces, his upcoming EP “KALIFORNIA WYSHMASTER & STONE” feels like its arriving right on time.

A quick run through his catalog, and it becomes clear that J-Kal Kalifornia creates surprisingly steady and engaging records. He is a true original with a knack for boisterous exuberance and a choice of banging beats.

J-Kal Kalifornia is a refreshing rap archetype. He adds a lot of palpable groove and vibe on any track he lays his wares upon, together with Wyshmaster Beats and Stevie Stone, he is preparing to bring the house down with “KALIFORNIA WYSHMASTER & STONE”.


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