April 16, 2024

Extrovrt has been in the music industry for many years, starting out as a band guitarist and singer, to being a private DJ to now doing his own solo thing. He recently dropped his sophomore single entitled “00td”, which is a follow up to last year’s “Drip Dry”. Quite candidly, and rather unusually, in music business filled with hype and faked ‘realness’, Extrovrt explains that there’s no real depth to the lyric department, except talking about past experiences in relationships, on how he’s been used just for hookups, and how he’s going past that now. Most modern rap, hip-hop and pop, now thrives on feels and vibe, more than the vintage lyrical beast type of thing. And to be honest, Extrovrt kills it in the feels department.

On “00td”, Extrovrt’s delivery is perfectly nuanced, with just the right amount of melancholy and hope, to keep listeners engaged throughout. He plays out his narrative on a restrained beat with warm keys, underscored by resonant thumping low-end and head-nodding handclaps. Indeed, with this kind of soulfully smooth sound, we’re frequently drawn to connect with Extrovrt emotionally, on some level.

The hypnotic and infectious “00td” commences mysteriously with an eerie instrumental intro. Once Extrovrt enters, singing, everything settles in. The chorus is, like the verses, is irresistible.

As a whole, “00td” continues the ultra-melodic vibes that make this genre have galactic appeal. All in all, the execution is sound. The production work is smart and mellow in quality, with a relatively simple palette of sounds – keyboard, synths, and sleek drum programming.

The harmonic progression in “00td” is particularly enticing, not to mention Extrovrt’s easy on the ear vocals, which is undergirded by skill and emotion. The eerie electric piano that is looped on the track is by far my favorite instrumental moment, even though that’s not the only thing that makes this a highlight in the track.

The skittering, yet moody electronic beat rolls perfectly with Extrovrt’s vocals. The chords drip like honey, and Extrovrt’s oscillating melisma makes heartfelt what sounds like simple words.

“00td” is hypnotic low-fi, melodic, pop-infused hip-hop track; the slow, steady rhythm and minimalistic instrumentation, coupled with the smooth and mellow vocal, leads this to be pretty radio-friendly stuff. The even better news for Extrovrt is the fact that he is clearly cementing his game with “00td”.

This is track is chocked-full of vibes and potential.  Moreover, with “00td”, Extrovrt doesn’t opt for constantly overwhelming, and transcendent lyricism, keeping it simple and relatable.

On “00td” Extrovrt has shown himself to be definitely a step or two above the ocean of casual SoundCloud rappers, and I expect that the next step in his development as an artist is to dig even deeper into his creative wealth and personal narrative. This would go perfectly hand in hand with his uniquely, genuine sounding demeanor, which is a rarity in this business.


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