July 12, 2024

Jacksonville, FL creative, Kilo Tha Don, released his first tape “LoSt In SpAcE”, late in the summer of 2019, along with a few more releases, which he followed-up in 2020 with “The Pisces” project. He later co-founded the record label Vuduizim started by @Brothavudu. Don is currently riding high with two singles – “Unthinkable” ft. KND Kito and “Mine”. From its first bars, the former track establishes piano as a central element, carrying both the sentiment and groove of many song.

Kilo Tha Don’s song to a lover, provides a hypnotic mellifluous intro, while the smooth beat in the verses gives the track a palatial space, and slowly pulsating rhythm.  The track is structured around snatches of snares, and skittering hi-hats.

“Unthinkable” ft. KND Kito is made magic by the laidback conversational vibe of Kilo Tha Don’s voice, pitched between the percussion and the piano. It speaks to the artist’s ability to write melody and rhymes that persists almost effortlessly on top of the instrumental’s breath and emotional weight. The subtle melodic backbone alone is sumptuous, without touching upon the artist’s careful use of his voice, in a sentimental song that feels heartfelt.

Kilo Tha Don’s words have a raw poetry as he lays down his heartwarming and vulnerable narrative. You might say that he’s isn’t doing anything new here. But the point is, he is doing it better than everyone else.

Kilo Tha Don has trumped his contemporaries, with a thoughtful grace and solid talent for songwriting, echoing that of his more decorated peers. From the musical vibes to the vocal nuances, there’s so much to fall for in this song.

“Mine”, the latest 2021 single, is even more smooth and resonant, with catchy soulful hook. The song is crafted with deep echoing moods. Intense, sensual lyrics combined with gleaming production, lead listeners through the carnal thoughts of Kilo Tha Don. The track jumps between heartfelt crooning and rapping. The transition between the two is nicely done and further emphasizes Kilo Tha Don’s feelings.

The slow melody combined with laced lyrics make for a beautiful record. The clearness in the narrative transports listeners to the world of feelings that Kilo Tha Don’s is going through in the song. Atmospheric synths and deep bass add to the deep haunting feeling that creeps through “Mine”. You can’t help but rock with it. While the song is smooth and understated, the message is loud and clear.

Kilo Tha Don weaves through emotions, actions, and consequences beautifully on “Mine”, to create a sonically rich environment. There is an undeniable sexiness to the track which rhythmically simmers, to reveal a passion that burns hot.

Kilo Tha Don’s voice is surreally magnetic, capturing the raw sincerity which instantly draws the listener in. With such an intense focus on haunting beats and sensitive lyricism Kilo Tha Don will quickly be widening his fan-base.


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