June 18, 2024

Take a quick run through his catalog and projects, and you’ll soon love every minute of it, if the modern new wave rap scene is your thing. The lyrics, the flow, the rhythm, all the way down to the vibe and transitions. Big up to SyhG for writing all these songs and also throwing in some ear-catching features along the way. Considering this dynamic artist out of Wilmington, DE, is only 17 years old, he is clearly hard on his grind. Last year he dropped two EP’s, namely “Popular Loner Vol.1” and “Popular Loner Vol.2”. Now he is back with his latest single, “Heartbreaker”, proving that he is in no way going to be slowing down his momentum any time soon.

SyhG delivers realism, honesty, and a strong sense of personal individuality, while also identifying with the larger hip-hop culture rather seamlessly. One can really tell that he has a great delivery and knows how to gain the attention of his listeners.

Not only that, but his melodic and hook game is on point as well. SyhG can go toe to toe with any of the contemporaries in his field, when it comes to delivering a banging earworm. And “Heartbreaker” shows us why that statement is true.

Despite his young age, SyhG is evolving into a great rapper and a great songwriter. He’s shown his diversity and ability to make different kinds of songs all across his catalog.

SyhG speaks on various life topics that anybody belonging to the new generation can easily relate to, and he makes the listener visualize their own life, and the situations that they are going through. He’s actually a great lyricist and brings a powerful vibe to each of his songs.

“Heartbreaker” is no exception to any of the above rules, as SyhG drives home his lyrical exclamations with a voice that resonates with confidence and confrontational swagger.

The rapper delves into the intricacies of those primary elements that play into the ups and downs of relationships. Underneath, the Spanish guitars echo and emote with ravaging persistence, as they’re kept in check by the steady handclaps and skittering hi-hats.

The guitars on this track, cultivate a dynamic atmosphere, emphasizing the lyrics and SyhG’s intense and rapid-fire flow. There is no question that SyhG knows how to make music. The feeling you get from listening to “Heartbreaker”, is that he puts plenty of effort into his craft.

It seems like every rhyme he makes is flawless. There are no lazy rhymes or half-hearted flows, as he makes everything sound like the best version that it can be. His lyrical arrangement gives depth and emotion to the narrative.

There’s no doubt that SyhG is a welcomed fresh new voice, both sonically and artistically. His delivery style is plenty easy on the ears, and it’s perfectly capable of not just carrying any kind of song, but elevating it. SyhG’s laser-cut lyrics and his effortlessly energy makes his turn on the booming, suave production on “Heartbreaker”, a thrill to take in.

Connect with SyhG via:
Instagram: @syhgzzz
Tiktok: @syhgofficial
Twitter: @syhgzzz
Snapchat: @syhgzzz
Facebook: syhg

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