June 20, 2024

Orend Johnson Jr.  better known as Optimistic Gangsta, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He has developed himself into a locally known hip-hop artist with poetic and noteworthy music. Currently the artist is promoting his latest single, “So Simple Freestyle”. The song quickly shows the rapper is one of the best at his blend of lyrical delivery, and melodic word-pacing, over a smooth understated production.

“So Simple Freestyle” aims high and doesn’t fall short at gaining everyone’s attention, maintaining it, and raising the bar for simple contemporary song construction. The track is free of any over bloated bells and whistles, and runs on a straightforward banging beat. On top, Optimistic Gangsta rides the groove switching between a conversational tone and a melodic sing-song hook.

Optimistic Gangsta maintains an even paced flow, allowing his deep, rich voice to resonate clearly, as he lays down the narrative. The rapper’s lyrics are authenticated and fans can honestly hear him speaking directly to those who lived or may be living the same experience of being played. A positive takeaway regarding this recording is the vibe. Regardless of the lyrical theme, “So Simple Freestyle” is delivered with a kinetic groove and an ear-warming flow.


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