June 24, 2024

23 year old artist Mighel Akando, says that he loves to create unique inspirational music that is edgy. “I feel like most music today is either or. I prefer to write music that can teach new perspectives but still makes you want to get up and move. To me that’s a great balance between the mind and body.” Akando’s lyrical and musical suss has gone up several notches on his new single, ‘Higherrr’ (Prod By. Sogimura), informed by his emotions, his surroundings and his experiences. Swinging from soul to hip-hop to R&B and back again, throughout his catalog, the artist shows flashes of the same bravado you’ve heard in the past from some of his peers who could be regarded as legendary.

‘Higherrr’ (Prod By. Sogimura) resonates with spirit, honesty and emotion. The record is bright, striking and compelling, as old-school sounds and modern notions are beautifully embedded in a new, creative hinterland. “I wrote the song when I was in a place in my life where I was being mistreated and taken for granted by various individuals,” explains Mighel Akando. “Whenever I’m anxious the song helps me ground myself and remember how powerful I am.”

Many artists have fascinating narratives, but few incorporate their stories with such poignant honesty and heartfelt conviction as Mighel Akando. You may think that the track’s slick combination of R&B and Hip-hop isn’t the most original idea out there right now, but Akando manages to find his own niche with the sheer presence of his personality.

His voice alternates between silky soulful smooth to rhapsodic and urgent, carrying both the tribulations of his life with the glorious sweetness that has lifted him out of it.

‘Higherrr’ (Prod By. Sogimura) feels perfectly positioned to catapult Mighel Akando into the arms of an eagerly awaiting public. This track has got plenty of soul. Akando has conveyed a warm, deep core throughout the record earning it immediate authenticity. Truly an impressive vocalist, his style is poised and confident, in a record that is brilliant in lyrical content and delivery, matching the musical theme.

‘Higherrr’ (Prod By. Sogimura) clearly has substance. It stands strong in today’s cross-genre R&B and Hip-hop market. Mighel Akando’s great success is showing equal force both in his creative song-writing ability and talent as a vocalist.

There’s an immediate natural ease with which Akando uses his singing voice, one that feels strengthened by a profound worldliness and understanding. Akando represents a new wave of artists that don’t fit neatly into just one single genre. Rather, he stands firmly in the divide between them.

Mighel Akando produces an emotional complex that artfully merges his music styles with an aura of self-belief. In fact ‘Higherrr’ (Prod By. Sogimura) feels like a moment of triumph for the singer, as the shine in the production, as well as his songwriting and performing abilities catch up with Mighel Akando’s musical vision. It’s also a statement that he’s here to stay, and fans ought to be grateful for that.


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