April 18, 2024

Motivation Music is a techno music producer based in Frome Somerset UK. Along with his music he is determined to succeed in life, and spread his knowledge about motivation to the world. After fighting long periods of his life with mental health and depression, Motivation Music uses his Instagram page to not only share his music but to also spread his knowledge about motivation, aiming to help as many people as he can. The producer is currently promoting his singles, ‘Chemicals’ and ‘Heavy Duty’.

The music is lean, crisp and effective, bringing you to a place that’s uniquely the producer’s – cavernous, crystalline, at once edgy and inviting. Motivation Music’s production projects a powerful personality. He builds his tracks from a somber, myopic march into a soul-cleansing cataclysm of rhythmic emotion. Motivation Music’s beats are no less layered than the work of contemporary EDM. The characteristics are just more subtle and less bloated.

The tech pulse and dripping bass line of ‘Chemicals’ forces a shiver down from the spine, as Motivation Music drives the beat with a thumping, strict four-to-the-floor structure of techno, before opening up his own palette to more exploratory booty bass vibes and synth stylings. This is great music to work-out to. This track indisputably delivers and you will find yourself putting this on repeat, to accompany your activities.

Please bear in mind this is not like much techno you hear out there currently, so do not expect some club banger or an underground tech house tune. This is Motivation Music expressing himself as he hears the music in his head, and he arguably does a great job at that. I believe the music is inspired by all of the producer’s personal triumphs, and demonstrates a man who knows what he is doing, as he brings you a very lean, relevant, forward thinking sound.

‘Heavy Duty’ starts appropriately with a proactive drumbeat very much full of life, and gaining strength as it awakens the synths and stuttering basslines. Great minimalism is shown here, as the tune does a lot with very little. Motivation Musics philosophy of less is more does great things on ‘Heavy Duty’, where the core essence of the track is carried above all else by the drumbeat.

Structurally ‘Heavy Duty’ is an interesting piece, full of emotion and tentative exploration, done with very little surplus noise. That’s the beauty of Motivation Music’s productions, they’re as crystalline and transparent as are his intentions.

As a producer, he is clearly at the top of his particular game and there’s no doubt that, as far as the technology goes, he is as forward-looking and innovative. You know things are working properly for him, when the Motivation Music track you most want to hear is his next one.

Music is a powerful force. The right song can inspire you to work harder. It can supercharge you to get things done and make you go the proverbial extra mile. ‘Chemicals’ and ‘Heavy Duty’ will definitely drive the momentum of your pulse.


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