July 13, 2024

Angel Torres known as King Wizard, was born in Florida. He grew up in an artistic environment and chose the path of music to pursue his dreams. He started his career during high school, making beats and slowly moving towards full songs, resulting in his 2020 album “The Prologue”. Subsequently King Wizard hooked up with Ashlie Gonzalez aka Lil Ash. The two have known each other since being infants and decided to join forces in a project called A.D.I.O.L (A Day In Our Lives), which led to the release of the 8 track project “A.D.I.O.L, VOL. 1”, where they were joined by a third artist, namely andrss. The project featured one of their top songs, entitled “2020 was trash”.

The work of the trio is both forward thinking and boundless at the same time, something that can appeal to a much larger audience than simply hip hop, rap, R&B, Pop and the like. Mixing classic hip-hop beats, with sharp rhymes, soulful melodic vocals, crate-digging samples, cinematic clips, and a ton of studio wizardry, the A.D.I.O.L project is a highly creative and original one.

It’s hard to put King Wizard, Lil Ash or andrss in any one box, as their combined talents churn out show-stopping vocal performances and expansive beat production. “2020 was trash”, is a shimmering, upbeat alternative-pop sortie that caught me totally off guard. I wasn’t expecting something this tuneful and melodic, together with jangling guitars and slamming percussion.

Pushing up the momentum from behind the arrangement, is a sequence of rich vocal harmonies meant to uplift your spirits in these dour times. While there, I quickly ran through the rest of the tracks, and can say in all honesty that you’ll hardly find an album with such huge and smooth crossover leaps, as you’ll find on “A.D.I.O.L, VOL. 1”. The songwriting, singing, rapping, and production values are extremely high for an independent project, and is definitely a testament to the talents of King Wizard, Lil Ash and andrss.

April 2nd also saw the release of “Remember December”, a solo project by King Wizard, that marks another step in his growth as a music maker and artist. King Wizard takes all the talents in his skillset, and wraps them into one hypnotic up-tempo groove. He captures a brisk, breezy and nostalgic mood that flows on a kinetic beat. On top of which he unfolds crisp rhymes and catchy mellifluous hooks.

It’s great that he’s able to make a song with such groove and bounce, and which has vivid imagery, which proves his pen is just as exquisite as the rest of his tools. King Wizard is multitalented musician with a uniquely soothing voice, who brings layers of infectious goodness to his tracks, both musically and vocally. Have a look around the streaming platforms and you’ll see the amount of quality work that he has put out in a short time, which no doubt will make him an artist to watch for, very soon.

King Wizard – https://instagram.com/kingwizard555?igshid=1lgtoz34q10sy
Lil Ash – https://instagram.com/scp.lez?igshid=qjgkz2eavbau
andrss – https://instagram.com/itsandrss?igshid=1sqwvhkqmj3og

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