June 20, 2024

LJGOLD debuted in 2007 with a rap performance at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, and it went on to continually improve his reach and build a strong fanbase over the years. He has been featured in numerous radio stations and media, and his tracks have charted along with influential artists like Nicki Minaj, as well as Redman, and many others. In 2019, his album ‘Pull Up’, actually went on to reach over 1 million plays on streaming services. His subsequent 2020 single ‘Stand Up’ outdid that four times over, gaining over 4 million streams and still counting.

LJGOLD is now back to cement and fortify his position in the game with his single ‘Motel 6’. The main strength of the single is the colorful ardor bleeding through its sound. On it LJGOLD drips with venomous vehemence.

He raps and with a dexterous touch that breathes vibrant energy. He goes on an introspective trip that transcends any ass-shaking shit-talk, despite what the title may induce you to expect.

LJGOLD’s wild brand of vocal delivery will throw you for a loop as it digs deeper into his psyche while the sounds get creepier and darker. Among many of his contemporaries and peers, he puts the most energy in his raps. Nothing sounds mechanically rehearsed — it sounds like he plays with pitches, nuances and flows on the fly, like he’s clearly basking in his own creativity as his inflections go up and down.

As ‘Motel 6’ grows more ominous and complex, you become more hooked.  LJGOLD’s abrasive, unforgiving flow, makes it kick-ass. He is one of the few rappers that’s establishing himself as a unique voice in a rap scene that increasingly values playlist-ready mundanity. As with his previous work, LJGOLD’s ability to shift between flows and merge his mood into the beat is utterly mesmerizing.

LJGOLD is successful in portraying his personal struggles and grind across the track, all while making the project enjoyable from start to finish.  The emcee has a lot to say on ‘Motel 6’, and he succeeds in getting his story across without cluttering the soundscape with wasted words.

The emotional weight of some of this narrative is helped by LJGOLD’s fantastic flow and attention-demanding energy. From the thrashing head-banging beat to the fired- up introspection, he proves that he’s an artist to watch. With both eyes.

We need to embrace artists like LJGOLD who can create music like this. It’s both, a raw and refined effort that puts sonic innovation and lyricism at the forefront. If ‘Motel 6’ is any indicator of his status, LJGOLD is well on his way to becoming one of rap’s elite spitters. Best of all, he has the potential to become even better than he already is. Anybody want to place a bet on that?


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