July 16, 2024

A multi-instrumentalist who has built and directed dozens of highly successful dance and party bands, performed in more than 1500 live concerts, as well as produced and released an award-nominated CD (“LEGENDARY”) that hit #1 on Latin Jazz, R&B, Funk & Blues charts, Little Moses Jones is not resting on his past achievements. The artist, who was already igniting his future passion at the age of 5, before his feet could even touch the floor beneath the piano bench, is currently working his upcoming self-titled CD, which features award-winning musicians from Gladys Knight, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Dotsero. In the meantime, he has dropped the single, “The Rain Came Falling Down” ft. Tim Huston, Jazzie & Tony Exum Jr.

The new single is nothing short of brilliant. The record draws various influences from the band’s musical journey, translating their experiences into a tune worth remembering. The distinct sound of R&B and Soul elements interlace perfectly with funk and jazz progressions. Alongside the soaring soulful lead vocals, the project also allocates space for a rapped verse, showing that Little Moses Jones is in the game with 360° vision.

Despite the big band sound and array of organic instrumentation, all the elements fit together neatly on “The Rain Came Falling Down”, for an easy listen, including the substantial saxophone solo.

The medium paced arrangement, warms up the senses, allowing listeners to take in the musicality of the entire band. The design of this track is such that the listener is able to visualize the band’s instrumentation very clearly and soak in the experience completely.

Few of today’s bands possess the dexterity to compose a song of this caliber and make it sound effortless. At the end of “The Rain Came Falling Down”, one cannot help but admire the drum and bass jam, as well as the horns, along with the guitar and keys that build along with the climactic vocal sections. The brilliance of this track is in the groove – the rhythm section forcing the listener to pay attention to track’s musicality.

The word “groove” cannot be used enough to describe this track. It is an element that has been partly lost in our electronic era of pristine productions where nothing really sits in the pocket naturally. That’s not the case with what Little Moses Jones and crew accomplish here.

Everything is extremely tight, but loose enough to neatly encapsulate the energy and excitement of a live show. It’s the same magical formula that made Earth, Wind & Fire such a captivating force.

The idea here, is that the rhythm is fluid, that the instrumentation is always on the move, and that the song is in a constant state of evolution. “The Rain Came Falling Down” is a colorful, richly textured arrangement that makes effective use of the project’s arsenal of keyboards, horns and rhythm section.

I’m still fairly new to Little Moses Jones’ music, but to these ears “The Rain Came Falling Down” is an overt and profound statement of his evocative playing and level of musical intelligence.

ORDER “THE RAIN CAME FALLING DOWN”- https://apple.co/32T5FyJ
Website- https://bit.ly/3xu0L9y
Facebook: https://bit.ly/3ezJjrv
Twitter: https://bit.ly/3dV88yR
Instagram: https://bit.ly/3voVbU5
Spotify: (New Song) https://spoti.fi/3iamYEz
Spotify: (First Album) https://spoti.fi/3eFC6q5
Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/2PqOLV0
YouTube: https://bit.ly/2PtBNWL
Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/3xmS14W
Songkick: https://bit.ly/2QB0yRk
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3gKFsdU
iTunes: https://apple.co/3sYJhhU

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