July 16, 2024

The game has certainly changed since last decade. The old gatekeepers of music have lost power. Radio is dying. Blogs, streams, and social media are where it’s at now. There are more platforms to get exposed than ever before. Anything can happen at this point, and it is. There is a new wave of rappers coming up, riding the charts and dominating streaming platforms, almost overnight. Virginia Beach 757 now sends us its latest product – Angel, with his newest track “Alot”. Whether he’s floating over beats anchored by spacy synths, shimmering guitars, bass-driven rhythms, or slamming 808s, Angel keeps a stash of psychedelic flows and sharp bars that show he is digging deep into his craft.

Angel effortlessly bounces between the evolving scenes of rap and alternative sounds. On “Alot” he rides a mesmerizing slow-burning beat, laced with strummed strings and shifting hi-hats. The almost playful beat, has just the right amount of bounce to it, to give the song the background kick that it needs. Across the chorus and the verses, Angel’s flow is on point and makes this one very enjoyable.

The sparks of high potential and a couple of really good bars, shows that the boldness and crisp sounds leave no doubt that Angel is going to do many great things throughout his career, while he figures out all the strong points in his artistry. You definitely respect how adventurous and creative Angel can get at times, as he refines many of the peculiarities in his music.

“Let The Right One In” and “Max Out” are both fantastic songs that prove that when Angel is at his best, he can be up there with many in the game. On “Alot” he keeps improving his style and sound, showing that he intends to have a long and prolific career in rap.

The Virginia Beach rapper is talented at the first thing he does – rapping, but this track is more than that. He blends alternative rock and rap on this record with just the right amount of each together, driving home his lyrics with more zest.

I really can’t praise the production enough. Angel put this one together tightly. I love the textures of this track. It has good movement too. The song runtime is perfect too. It’s just long enough to leave an impression.

Angel is evolving rapidly before our eyes with “Alot”, and his other singles – growing as a rapper and an artist. He offers up an honest and dynamic delivery as he draws on varied musical influences.

Refusing to put himself in the box of a single genre, Angel has put together a track that’s truly one-of-a-kind. It will be exciting to watch where he goes with each passing project. You can’t box Angel in as just another rapper. He’s more than that. He’s a shapeshifter.


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