May 25, 2024

West Coast Hip Hop has given the culture some of its most polarizing and commercially successful acts, and has produced some of the most prolific rappers of the current generation. KingCaliDro, born Fredrick Knowles is a California native from Long Beach California, following the footsteps as his predecessors (Warren G, Trey Dee of The East Sidaz and Snoop Dogg). KingCaliDro’s new single “Play Me” ft. Kevin Hands, is all about the G-Funk with a catchy hook and true west coast sound. G-Funk was instrumental in cementing hip-hop’s place in mainstream American culture. Combining a laidback style of rapping with slow grooves, deep bass, melodic synthesizers, the sampling of Parliament-Funkadelic recordings.

KingCaliDro’s delivery and vocal performance are stellar throughout the project, making for a more engaging product that still retains his hard-edged persona. He has the weight and personality to really sell the imagery he paints. Every word is delivered with this vigorous raw energy. This beat is ridiculous. The synths. The drums. It’s a lively monster that sits right in the pocket of the groove.

KingCaliDro is cut from the cloth of rappers who always deliver strong, enjoyable projects. There’s no denying his ability to build a good track. It’s a body of work that shows every side of the artist; the layers of his artistry are all highlighted throughout. KingCaliDro is more than just a surgical lyricist who makes underground bangers for the hood. Lyrically, the track is overflowing with tough bars.

“Play Me” shines brightest when the music itself matches KingCaliDro’s dynamic performance and infuses enough energy for him to seize the moment. KingCaliDro has all the tools, and skillset to earn the respect of his peers and hip-hop fans at large, in part because of his consistent, no-frills verses.

A straight-shooter with high-concept ambitions and brash magnetism, KingCaliDro is not just a player, but an essential one. In a genre often anchored by showmanship, the rapper excels at effective communication.

“Play Me” shows KingCaliDro is dynamic in that his delivery is as important as what he says. His resonating baritone fortifies his presence, and commands your attention. At the other end of the spectrum, the power of his voice adds emphasis to every line.

Written by Fredrick Knowles and Kevin Hands, the track was produced by Walli Ali, and is released via the Pulsar Music Media label. KingCaliDro raps, makes his point, and gets out quickly. It’s a heartening record, both because of the top-notch, life-affirming beat throughout, along with the vigor in the voice of a man who clearly takes nothing for granted.

KingCaliDro has delivered something that will take just one listen to really appreciate, on top, and beyond the surface. “Play Me” contains the quintessential components of what makes West Coast Hip-hop fire. The single is taken off the album which is set to drop late this summer, and will feature some of California’s best talent.

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