May 26, 2024

With the threat of death, toxic relationships, fake friends and dishonesty lurking around every corner, the new generation continually attempt to express themselves in every way possible. Of course if you have the talent, there’s nothing better than jumping on a banging beat and letting your emotions flow out a stream of consciousness. If you’re good, you can grab the attention of many. If you’re better, you could even capture the attention of the industry. However, if you’re DJJ BABY, you’re committed to succeed, simply because you’re talented. His single “Cry No More” is an excellent track for a multitude of reasons.

To start, he truly shows everyone that he can go deep. He is a charismatic, a natural-born storyteller with a knack for creating electrifying songs. He also shows that impressive lyrical chops are in his wheelhouse if he wants to access them. More importantly, he comes across as earnest and genuine. So it is only fitting that he brings his strongest record to date.

What sets DJJ BABY apart from the new class of rappers is that he actually can rap. That doesn’t mean that he is not a part of the new wave of melodic rappers. He is, but DJJ BABY is an artist that prioritizes flow, diction, and cadence. He is charismatic and psychedelic enough to appeal to the vibe generation, but his skillset is still reaped from traditional rap, which broadens his reach enormously.

Hence DJJ BABY can deliver the feels, while he blows you away with bars. Which is precisely what he does on “Cry No More”. It proves that his artistry is a whole lot less vapid than most of his contemporaries. DJJ BABY’s controlled and consistent flow in the verses, and the way he melodically attacks the hook in the chorus, allows the track to remain incredibly captivating.

DJJ BABY switches from straight rapping, to melodic rap, then singing and back to rapping, and he does it seamlessly. “Cry No More” is exactly the track that DJJ BABY needed at this point at time. It could be crucial to his long-term success as he showcases how he has fine-tuned his array of deliveries and sound here. It give us some more insight into the fact that DJJ BABY knows who he is as an artist.

“Cry No More” has that super pop and melodic rap sound that made many of DJJ BABY’s peers so popular. At the same time DJJ BABY makes the track sound hard as hell, even though the melody is sweet on the ear. It is obvious that the guy is super talented, and can still push the boundaries some more. That being said, “Cry No More” is a really good rap track that highlights everything about DJJ BABY that makes him special.


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