May 24, 2024

Self-taught Producer and Engineer Andrss aka Sebastian Agudelo was born in Hollywood, Florida. He started making his own beats at the age of 13, deejayed at 16, and has been writing since he was just 8 years old. His debut single “Ghost” has been raking in the streams on Spotify, and is being followed by the tracks “Complicated” and his latest, “Butterflies”. A blue-eyed soul stirrer who flits between Pop, R&B and Hip-hop, Andrss’ musical tendencies are natural and unforced and, most importantly, never gratuitously flashy. And he’s never sounded better than he does on his latest single. His voice and the production are flawless, and his heart is in the right place on “Butterflies”.

In the space of a few singles, the American singer-songwriter has already shown demonstrable growth as both a vocalist and a recording artist, never releasing the same track twice. Each new song has sounded different from the one that preceded it, in one way or another.

That’s probably because Andrss is in step with the ever-changing pop and hip-hop trends. In an age when most pop releases are created by a collaborative committee, Andrss goes it alone, doing it all by himself.

Liquid guitars shimmer and squeal, alongside tasteful hi-hats, and a gently thumping kick drum, as Andrss croons about the euphoria of love. “I can’t take my eyes off you. Got me hypnotized, or just really mesmerized by the way you move.” It’s a theme that the singer unfolds thoroughly from end to end on “Butterflies”. “I feel alive with you, so tonight let’s ride,” he declares, totally taken by the moment.

Andrss is truly, madly, deeply in it here, and his love is more than simple admiration. But regardless of whatever he may be saying, the singer’s vocal performances have never been stronger. It’s pitched and nuanced.

That’s because he can sing, and he does it without ever coming off as showy or forcing his vocal instrument. Meanwhile the beat is colorful, sweet, and groovy. This is a truly enjoyable song that plays to the artist’s strengths.

“Butterflies” benefits from mid-paced, rhythmic melodic lines, groovy, yet balanced production, and most of all, a catchy chorus. The song embraces urban contemporary music, which is an excellent match for Andrss. Vocally, he continues to be more compelling on this track than ever before, and certainly possesses an enviable tone. He sounds terrific, never over-singing, delivering a balanced, nuanced vocal performance.

“Butterflies” is yet another step forward for Andrss. His personality works much more effectively on this song, as does his sentiments and overall performance. Inspired by artists such as Blackbear, Justin Bieber, Drake, Rod Wave, and Paramore, Andrss’ tasteful production gives him an edge. So does his songwriting craftsmanship.


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