May 24, 2024

In 2004 starting out with his own Indie label and brand CHE (ColdHeartedEnt), G4E Soulja showed that he was determined and independent-minded from the outset. He later migrated across various indie labels in Louisiana, before encountering Maybach Music’s, and Rick Ross’ personal award-winning producer Tom Cat, in another indie setup. Here Soulja cut some great singles and an album, working alongside acts like, Kasinova Tha Don., and The Group (8 MOB). In 2014 Soulja opted once again form his own indie label, and started the G4E Music Group.

Totally independent, he started dropping new music, and has built a desirable catalog and brand. 2021 seems him raise the bar even higher, with a brand new single “ON GAWD (Push 2 Start)”, which will also feature on the upcoming mixtape “I’m 4” scheduled to drop on July 4th.

Much like his influences, 2PAC, Soulja Slim, and Lil Boosie, G4E Soulja barks loudest when presenting his various resentments. His also plainspoken, and direct. And he knows how to make a speaker-rattling banger. “ON GAWD (Push 2 Start)” is a bass-booming anthem, driven by reactionary outbursts of authenticity and straight talk. G4E Soulja is a snarling and effective street-rapper.

G4E Soulja’s music is full of defiant, emotionally intense rap shit, and it reaffirms the idea that this guy speaks his mind with a proud Atlanta, GA swagger. Which is exactly what he does on “ON GAWD (Push 2 Start)”, as he maps out a gauntlet of challenges for his antagonists. He unpacks a robust and dynamic delivery, frontloaded with impacting braggadocio, on top of a compelling beat.

In painting vivid portraits of urban realities over largely magnificent productions, G4E Soulja has crafted a host of excellent releases that also shows him potentially taking his skills to another level of greatness.

On “ON GAWD (Push 2 Start)”, he continues on his personal journey in that direction. There’s a sharpness in Soulja’s tone and flow and an ability to see the game under a different light, fitting his bars into places where other emcees don’t go anymore.

Major labels don’t know what the fuck to do with rap music, and they haven’t known for years. These days, they’ve mostly admitted that and stay out of the way of rappers, and that’s a good thing. This allows artists like G4E Soulja to execute their visions unmolested.

Hence Soulja gets to stick to his own template, ignoring the mainstream format. On “ON GAWD (Push 2 Start)”, he wastes little time diving into his narrative, shining a light on his patented flow, sounding energized and fresh.

“ON GAWD (Push 2 Start)”, and the upcoming mixtape, “I’m 4” is set to lay the groundwork for the next phase of G4E Soulja’s musical journey, in a truly exciting way, for both longtime fans and new listeners.


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