June 18, 2024

The timing is just right for a rush of pure pleasure as intoxicatingly happy as Matilde G’s latest single ‘Milk N’ Honey’. It will make you nostalgic for a time when we all gathered in groups, to dance or to do things which were enjoyable together. It’s another superbly crafted, joyously executed three-and-a-half minutes of pop exuberance that meet the moment, in just reminding you how good it feels to be young and carefree. To be youthful and in love with life. To be free to travel and do the most enjoyable things, without the burden of responsibility.  ‘Milk N’ Honey’ is a tune that showcases a certain kind of feel-good vibe and sassy lightheartedness.

“As a teenager, I go through the typical constraints any teenager does which includes school commitments, family and even peer pressure and that’s just life in general,” exclaims Matilde G. “I may be young, but I am always craving to do more, not just in music but also as a person who is open to discovering the joys and freedom. ‘Milk N’ Honey’ was written in hopes of it being a playful and cheerful antidote to this,” she concludes.

‘Milk N’ Honey’ was curated by world renowned music producers Caesar & Loui, who have previously worked with artists like Monsta X, Twice, Red Velvet and NCT. The 16 year old, Singapore-based and Italian-born Pop singer-songwriter and performer Matilde Girasole, better known as Matilde G, has already released 4 critically acclaimed singles, and she shows no sign of slowing down. On the contrary she seems to get better with each subsequent release.

The pop music world can be an unforgiving place, and the roadside is scattered with artists who burn bright on their debuts before quickly fading away. This is not the case for the second runner up in the Singapore’s Got Talent contest, as she goes from strength to strength. She offers consistently slick, sharply produced pop music. The staggering part of it is just how naturally this all seems to come for the Italian-born songstress.

‘Milk N’ Honey’ delivers a breath of fresh air, built on a driven foundation of solid drum and bass patterns. The track is infectious and danceable, while the vocal and percussion stays in the pocket, letting Matilde G’s delivery shine through.

She pushes the suggestive naughty envelope, but it’s a fun ride all the way through. In a world where it is becomingly increasingly difficult to find fun and freedom, this track provides a much needed breath of fresh air and a chance to let the light in.

The track’s expensive sheen is impressive and totally satisfying. It is through a song like ‘Milk N’ Honey’ that Matilde G proves simplicity is the key. There is no need for overwhelming complexity.

Music that is able to simultaneously feel effortless yet memorable is what prevails, and this is where Matilde G prospers. Moreover, everything she does is built upon feelings of confidence and self-determination, complementing the positive energy projected throughout the entire song. That in itself requires talent.


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