June 24, 2024

Drawn by the crafts of big name artists within the R&B, Rap, Hip-hop, and even the rock industry, emcee Tha JUST is inspired by people, as well as the journeys and experiences of life and love. He has been steadily gaining traction across the globe with multiple tracks crossing 1 million streams on Soundcloud, Spotify, and other platforms. Now he steps up to the plate with the single, ‘PROBLEM’ ft. Ike the Writa. “The song is about working thru the madness of love, when it’s worth everything,” states the artist. Somewhere between The Weeknd’s euphoria-fueled playboy era and Bryson Tiller’s odes to heartbreak, Tha JUST is making his own version of groovy R&B and rap, on ‘PROBLEM’ ft. Ike the Writa.

The music encompasses R&B storytelling – in terms of love and emotion – while subconsciously bobbing your head to a heavy beat. Tha JUST expresses his feelings about balancing relationships, love, and tribulations from a vividly honest and mature perspective, while somehow remaining relatable. His penmanship drips with authenticity, which can be felt through his explanation of the love experience: “If I love you like I say I do, and if you love me like you say you do, what’s the problem?” asks the hook in the song.

The aforementioned query rings true, as Tha JUST, and feature Ike the Writa float on the sweeping and engaging soundscape. ‘PROBLEM’ ft. Ike the Writa is a pensive, yet dynamic project, telling a story of vulnerability, escalation, and the redefining of love through heartfelt songwriting. Tha JUST creates sustainable storytelling, which will satisfy a fan-base of potential hopeless romantics, while also displaying his artistry.

In addition to creating effective rhymes and moods, Tha JUST proves himself to be a capable orchestrator of talent. Ike the Writa’s appearance on the track, is of the highest caliber. This track sounds like a statement of intent. With relatable lyrics about love, Tha JUST connects so vividly to his fans, who realize that he isn’t so different to them.

‘PROBLEM’ ft. Ike the Writa is a beauty – a track of broody bedroom soul, evocative hip-hop hustle and low-slung R&B drama. Ike the Writa soulful, tender voice powers the song’s hook, while Tha JUST elaborates the concept: “Just give me a call, and I’m there on the scene. She gives me her all, so I’m there for my queen.” And then he gives her the ultimate compliment: “She’s the queen of my kingdom, like a rule in her regime makes me a smarter man, so ain’t no fools on the team.”

There’s something different about the vibe that comes off of a crossover R&B project, compared to a straight out hip hop project that I really love sometimes. It’s smooth and soulful, but there are also moments where it slides into a more urgent sound. And that’s what Tha JUST pulls off here on ‘PROBLEM’ ft. Ike the Writa. In a time where hip-hop and R&B are becoming more inseparable, the emcee has found the perfect fusion of lyricism, melody, and emotional honesty.


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