May 27, 2024

Freddy Cee is an American music prodigy of Haitian-African descent. The Brooklyn bred artiste cum producer started his journey as an 8 year old, when he wrote his first song. He went ahead to be featured in various radio stations at the age of 12. His family played a big role in his music upbringing and development, as music was part of his growing up at home. He was greatly influenced by the music and style of Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, 2Pac, and also by the Classical music style, RnB, Soul, etc.

Freddy’s passion for music took another dimension and turn, when at the age of 19, he discovered his love for music production, which he wholeheartedly embraced and accepted. He has produced many songs, and has mentored and developed upcoming artistes through it.

As a songwriter, artiste, and producer, Freddy Cee majors on Reggae, but has done some works in Hip Hop and Afrobeat, He has redefined the essence and meaning of the genres, bringing fresh vibes into his music. He is a diversified artiste whose proficiency cuts across many genres.

Freddy Cee has released many singles and produced many for others. He released an album “The Frequencies” in 2012, with Ed, a close pal and fellow artiste, which was a great hit.  He released another one titled “I Got This” in December 2017. This particular song was widely received and accepted. He performed in the first Russian Hip Hop Festival. He has also worked with various music groups and artiste in one project or the other.

He also has degree in Business Management and Computer Technology. When he is not doing music, he devotes his time to his family, or in training and teaching people martial art, and music engineering. He is also a businessman.

Freddy Cee own a music production label named “Deadly Zone Inc”, through which he has trained, developed and mentored many music groups and artistes.

Freddy Cee is on radio rotation with the tracks “Nice and Slow” and “It’s All Over”.

Connect with Freddy Cee on his WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM. Check out his MUSIC STREAMS.

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