June 24, 2024

praise da wolf’s single, “Dark Days (man on fire)”, from his upcoming EP “Space”, is a captivating tour-de-force. The Wisconsin born rapper uses his excess theatricality to add some cinematic flair to traditional lyricism that makes it more than just simple rhymes streaming through a sound system. He blends his own style from sticky beats, eccentric rhyme schemes and varying flows.

Over the course of listening to his catalog, praise da wolf’s does his best to get us to understand more about his talents, his journey, and his craft. Each layer, depth, and stylistic choice adds to a constantly-changing perception of praise da wolf’s atypical playing field. It makes the listening experience all the more absorbing because of it.

His rap style is constantly in flux, as you can gauge from his latest tracks “rapin trapin”, “Lose Control”, and case in point, “Dark Days (man on fire)”. He’s deft with his rhymes too, but in a different way than his contemporaries and peers, who rely on their speed to offset the quality of blandness in their deliveries. Conversely, each one of praise da wolf’s rhymes is packed with kinetic creativity to compliment the depth of his delivery.

“Dark Days (man on fire)” is a captivating exploration of praise da wolf’s style’s strengths. It’s tight and absolutely unorthodox; a sweeping sonic universe with a maze of intricate moving parts. The effect is magical. His archetypal voice never falters, it feels like we’re hearing a track stacked with layered flows from different rappers. praise da wolf’s voice morphs and transforms endlessly.

Bar after bar, praise da wolf successfully captures the entertaining aspect of the cinematic style he’s working hard to replicate in the rap game. It must be said that this aspect isn’t meant to be a distraction from the artist’s lyrical capability, as is often the case with lesser rappers. He carefully chooses every word and syllable, contributing to each verse a sense of rhyming coming from the highest level.

praise da wolf’s ability to keep the listener entertained by his delivery in addition to what he’s saying effectively enhances the richly sprawling production. In an age where lyrical ability in hip hop is becoming more and more irrelevant, the Wisconsin songwriter and rapper sticks out in the crowd, as he continues to carve out his own lane. Everything he’s done up until now involves going against the grain in some way, shape or form.

With that in mind, unsurprisingly praise da wolf’s ability to spit in his own original and characteristic way is a sight to see. Moreover, praise da wolf actually presents thoughtful ideas through his relentless efficiency and intensity. He’s got a lot to say, and he doesn’t take long to do it on “Dark Days (man on fire)”.


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