May 26, 2024

Tripocules is a DJ & Producer from Amsterdam, currently working on a number of projects to be released soon. His latest single, now available on all major digital platforms, is entitled “Little”, and features Dame1 and RichKenny, two rappers from London. In particular, Dame1 is pushing nearly 3 million streams on tracks with Lady Bee. The track showcases a crisp, funk-influenced EDM sound, where Tripocules cultivates a sonic identity that induces his features into adapting to the driving arrangement which he’s worked hard to direct perfectly.

Tripocules draws on the funky energy and intertwines it with a joyful bounce to bring together an EDM-rap fusion with throbbing basslines that shelter his features properly, as they drop their rhymes. Through developing a groovy sound that bridges the gap between quintessential EDM and classic hip-hop grooves, Tripocules proves, in a world full of division, his capability to unite listeners with fluid rhythms.

“Little” offers a warm, smart and sassy sonic contour. The music floats mellifluously over seductive basslines, as Dame1 and RichKenny lilting, expertly delivered raps, map out good times with clear sexy directions, while going up through the gears effortlessly. It makes for rollercoaster performances from the rappers who exchange bars and help drive the momentum of the track.

Underneath it all, Tripocules’ punchy drums mix with waning synths, airy flutes, and adrenaline pumping basslines, to form a stunning listen. The producer’s vast knowledge of Funk, Dance and Hip-hop music shines through on this track.

The entire atmosphere of “Little” is groovy and funky, the mix seems to give everything the feel of being in the center of a party, with the rappers on hand doing live performances, freestyling in front of the crowd.

Moments like this showcase Tripocules’ proficiency in keeping the dancefloor alive and full of moving bodies, a skill equal to his knack for original melodies and chord progressions. Overall, “Little” beautifully combines the euphoric energy of dance music with rap in a way that is hypnotizing and dynamic. His bass and drums sounds create and elaborate and full-bodied rhythm. It harmoniously encapsulates the raps of Dame1 and RichKenny which Tripocules masterfully blends into the mix.

I have little doubt that “Little” will receive an abundance of praise from fans and critics for its thoughtful construction and irresistible feel. Tripocules greatest strength here, is marrying his bouncy production to different rappers.

“Little” is a near faultless example of just how matching rap with electronic music should be. It give this track its true edge, granting it a level of uniqueness almost unmatched by Tripocules’ upcoming contemporaries.


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