May 27, 2024

Six ravishing immersive moments, the EP “Pieces” is a pivotal transmission from the R&B artist Nicole Ivy, one that is heavy on a smooth aesthetic, sensuality and lyrical emotion, all while dipping into varied points of inspiration. The record will quickly present listeners with Nicole’s excellent songwriting and raw vocal talent. It is succinct and reaffirms the songstress’ gift of composing lyrics that illuminate the complexities of life, love and lust. The Sparta, GA artistic luminary is most scintillating when retreating to her sultry vocal intimacy. In those moments, the listener joins her, and can feel the raw vulnerability of her lyrics.

What the EP’s tracks achieve in vibe and ambience, they surpass in substance. The lyrical imagery, the ability to transport listeners to sonic spheres that spin on an axis of emotion, is the pulsating heart of Nicole Ivy’s music. On top of her smooth, buttery vocals, it’s her no-filter lyrics that audiences will gravitate toward. Moreover, her realness and authenticity shines through, in all that she does on this EP.

The EP begins with the track “Remix”. The song focuses on dealing with a relationship full of repeated flaws. The repetitiveness of the negatives exhaust Nicole, as she runs through the list of bad behavior, she no longer wishes to tolerate. But it’s on the blues flavored “Dream” where she truly comes into her own vocally. Her nuanced and soulful voice dominates the guitar-driven arrangement.

Being able to have your fans connect with your music on a deeper level is what makes music so special, and Nicole Ivy has already mastered this skill. “Garden” is the perfect example of a tried and true R&B seduction by a girl ready to go after what she wants. Her songs never drag, and they hold your attention, before fading into the background, and only after having created an immersive vibe. Which is exactly what she does with “Still”.

“I think I need a lifeline. I think I’m going crazy in this mind of mine,” sings Nicole Ivy on the final track, “Lifeline”, which again showcases the emotion and soar of her voice. The melody and instrumentation is so hypnotic it deserves to be run back more than once.

More than anything, this collection of songs show off Nicole’s ability to run with pure R&B and Soul effortlessly. At this rate she should soon be in the running alongside her peers, as long as she keeps showcasing her musical talents.

If you have not heard of Nicole Ivy yet, she is definitely someone you need to listen to. There is a song for every person on this album. “Pieces” will fill you with many familiar past, present or future emotions while listening.

If you have just broken off a relationship or are currently getting into a new one, there is plenty of relationship anecdotes to pick up on here. Like only a handful of other R&B artists of her generation, Nicole Ivy takes a step in the right direction for impacting, soulful music.


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