June 20, 2024

Born and raised in Memphis U.S.A, multi-talented Perry Michael Allen, has worn many musical hats. And he has worn them extremely well. The son of Perry Allen, an educator and Memphis’ foremost jazz radio disc-jockey “The Night Hawk”, Perry Michael learned the art of record making from some of Memphis’ greatest session musicians. Early on, he found himself under the wings of master producer “Papa” Willie Mitchell and Stax hit writer David Porter (of “Soul Man” fame). He then went on to become an artist, writer and arranger for both Stax Records, and the legendary Hi Records, where he worked for many years with Mitchell and soul legend Al Green.

In fact Allen penned  hit songs for Green, as well as recording and arranging other well-known figures such as Boz Skaggs, The Sweet Inspirations, Albert King, Wilson Pickett, Anita Ward, The Memphis Horns, Bobby Rush, The Soul Children, Syl Johnson, European groups Wet Wet Wet, Axelle Red, Zucchero and many others.

Perry Michael Allen has gone on to receive many awards, including RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum Albums, and the coveted Memphis Blues Foundation “Blue Note Award”. His tracks are licensed to many movies and TV shows, while Allen continues to roll out music inborn creative machine.

The latest is his groove-driven single “Just Like That”. The song is pensive, bright, and warm, built around a foundation of funk, R&B, soul, and jazz, with a solid hip-hop flavor loaded for added pleasure.

On the single “Just Like That”, Allen is able to capture a mood and make a song that is just as much about the words, as it is about the rhythm, vibe, and instrumental flow. Everything about the song, sounds homegrown and organic. The brass stabs, the guitar interludes, the brooding basslines, and the restless percussion. On the top, the vocals slide smoothly – understated and soulful.

Full of delicious instrumental touches, Allen blends the old school language with the modern wave, in an intoxicating way on “Just Like That”. It is magnetic in its easy-going essence; it leaves you warm in your heart, and reminds you that sometimes an injection of good music is all we need from time to time.

Perry Michael Allen’s commitment to the buttery-smooth legacy of organic music is commendable, and his performance style allows him to add his own particularity to the soundscape.

It’s never been easier for artists to stay independent, and with “Just Like That”, Perry Michael Allen reaps the benefits, allowing his creativity to run free. He comes alive when simply crafting from what he feels. Coming across as a familiar yet fresh sound, the immersive musical presence of “Just Like That”, is crafted by the precious time Perry Michael Allen has been in this business.

What kind of a genius could put together such a smooth, groovy track, and make it sound effortless? Perry Michael Allen is a mastermind, and he allowed his genius to shine once more with “Just Like That”. With the charisma, tunes and time spent in the industry, to back up his considerable talent, the real question is, why did it take you so long to listen to Perry Michael Allen?


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