May 24, 2024

Not enough can be said about 3Alphas. Formed in October 2019, the trio consists of friends from across the country – Corbin (Dallas, TX), T3 (Portland, OR), and Mr. Wes (Washington, D.C.). All members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated and graduates of the University of Arkansas, 3Alphas are taking R&B back to where it should belong. The draw on the genre’s core values, and the smashing sounds of the 90’s when harmonizing vocal groups truly sang their way up into the charts.  3Alphas broke the ice with a cover of the Christmas favorite “Mary, Did You Know?” in 2019. They followed it up by releasing their debut single “Please Come Help Me”, and summer smash “Good Tyme” in 2020. During the pandemic they kept busy in the studio, and eventually dropped their debut album “Dysfunction” in November 2020.

Now the 3Alphas are back with a brand new single entitled “Only You” ft. Kxng Geno. It takes you to ecstasy, long before you ever expect it to. So compelling, it uncontrollably takes your mind, body, and even your soul, literally, a thousand miles away from your struggles, afflictions, torments, as well as pains. This is what true music for the soul is, and once again, 3Alphas never cease to amaze.

Hitting all the highs and the lows, 3Alphas sound amazingly dead-on, in “Only You”, creating a vibrational frequency which resonates long after the song concludes. 3Alphas offer a set of magnificent voices that cut through the speakers and grabs you by your heart-strings, pulling until you are completely immersed in what can be argued to be a potential hit single.

That may be a bold claim so early on, but anyone who knows what love is will find it to be a seamless process when falling in love with this song. The arrangement must also be commended, because it engulfs the listener into the mix.

Good music defines 3Alphas, and they have it in abundance with “Only You” ft. Kxng Geno. A fantastic blend of modern production and their trademark harmonies, the single shows that 3Alphas are more than capable of bringing R&B into the times. They’re ushering in a new era of vocal mastery that is currently unmatched. No one sounds like these guys in 2021.

The rhythmic and smooth, soulful belting and harmonies, of this song, beg to be placed on your playlists. You’ll love the simplicity of the 90s influences, which 3Alphas do a great job of executing, while making you feel the music through their lyrics and voices.

For the 3Alphas it’s about telling a story through music and having it personally reach others, in the most genuine and melodic way possible. It’s a sentimental and universal gesture of their artistry


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