June 24, 2024

Keenan “KO” Ivor, a Washington, DC native, artist, producer and song writer, began his magical journey of music when he was just 4 years old learning to play the piano. Keenan would later go on to lead and co-direct his school choir at Spingarn Sr. High School After high school, Keenan participated in an Apollo Theatre audition where he met Def Jam recording artist J. Holiday. The two formed the group 295 that ended up touring the country with double platinum recording artist Ginuwine.

Currently performing with the Facez U Know Band, KO has continued to grow his popularity throughout the city and the Go Go community. He has also teamed up with the DDRE Music & Films, as he moves his career forward. The single “OUTSIDE”, takes Keenan “KO” Ivor’s pop sensibilities to the next level, as he presents its crucial elements: strong vocals, indelible hooks and ingenious melodies.

Keenan “KO” Ivor casts a wide net for his sound, pulling in from pop, hip hop, soul, funk and R&B flavors, before blending them into his own original mix, which translates into a fun and catchy record like “OUTSIDE”, which you’ll love to sing along to, provided you can grasp onto some of those high notes KO is reaching for. He delivers his music with a punch and vibrancy that is hard to ignore.

Keenan “KO” Ivor is potentially one of today’s best songwriters and vocalists, you’ve probably never heard of yet, with his all-embracing approach to music, and “OUTSIDE” is a song that is just waiting to be a hit. This is what makes KO such a fresh and complete contributor of music nowadays, he can actually craft a song like “OUTSIDE” and make it enjoyable to just about anybody without genre distinction.

Keenan “KO” Ivor’s writing excels on “OUTSIDE”, as does his vocal range, and he hits his stride when he soars across the choruses effortlessly. Though the song is a great investment for fans of catchy pop, more discerning listeners may be pleasantly surprised with the hints of brilliance and real depth, KO leaves around the track. These extremely good elements, make this record stand way above what many mainstream radio acts are doing today.

“OUTSIDE” sounds grand in scale, with KO’s slick vocal harmonies glazed over the lush backdrops of synths, guitars, and percussion instruments. These very moments on the record are fantastic, and really show Keenan “KO” Ivor’s creative status as an artist and clearly display his sense of sonic adventure. The combination of KO’s irresistible charisma and the wonderful production generates an unstoppable force.

This allows KO to strut his stuff with confidence, proving that he is a naturally gifted melodist and an engaging performer. Moreover, he understands how the pop formula works. An enviable skill, many dream of acquiring. What Keenan “KO” Ivor will gain immediately following this single assignment is absolute credibility as a solid songwriter, and an excellent singer.

“OUTSIDE” will scream for multiple plays all summer, but the best is still to come, for sure. When you are an ambitious and musically restless tunesmith like Keenan “KO” Ivor, there is always a bigger and better groove on the horizon. Keep watching this space!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Keenan.ivor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kosings
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/keenanivor
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kosings
Official Website: https://www.keenanivor.com

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