May 24, 2024

Diosa Art grew up in the small town of Edenton NC. She started off writing poetry at the age of 9, while instruments became a big influence on her rhythm and flow, watching her grandfather and father play the guitar. Through writing and recording she found her peace and identity, and knew it was a true love and passion for her. She and her twin, Real Artizt, shared the stage created a bond in music. They performed at shows and events, networked with producers in VA, and opened up for artists like Jadakiss, Rico Barrino, and Pastor Troy. Diosa Art found inspiration in King Keiwanee, Jay z, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, and others, while working a way to master her own wave, and show people that it’s okay to be who you are.

Diosa Art now comes to the table with her EP, “Heart of Tha Goddess”. I feel the best way to describe the recording is just Diosa Art being her authentic self. The first thing I loved about the energy and personality that sprouts from the record, is that she sounds like she is doing whatever she feels is right. The disparate songs make sense together, as Diosa Art meets the task of giving the each track its own flair.

She starts off with the soulful, R&B tinged, “Ease My Mind” ft. Jonboyonthebeat, which comes straight after the intro. Her tone is laid-back and conversational. Her wordplay on point, while the crooned hook wraps it melted soul around your ear.

“Keep Winning” ft. G3, quickly puts Diosa Art in your face, as she turns up her flow and intensity a couple of notches. She keys in a level of control and potency that feels crucial to the narrative.

“Don’t Judge Her” is intimate and introspective. Diosa Art’s voice is brought close to the mic, as she raps on a sublime and atmospheric backdrop, which allows the song to build up a powerful and emotional ambience.

The narrative matches the mood perfectly. Diosa Art makes music she believes in, and creating songs that feel real, and this song proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Her work showcases not just her own tremendous range but also the limitless sonic possibility within rap as a genre.

This EP is packed with a broad array of musical flourishes, and clever wordplay, and the best is still to come on “Dream Chasers” ft. Real Artizt – a song dripping in both soulful melody and intense verses.

This is one of best tracks on the project, as it blends catchiness with an emotionally spiked atmosphere and an undeniable radio readiness. The EP closes with the cool downtempo groove “Don’t Think Too Much” ft. Jonboyonthebeat and Herb Hill.

All said, Diosa Art’s confidence is contagious, and her fusion of flows make her a hypnotizing artist. In turn, “Heart of Tha Goddess” is a cohesive and strong body of work – the kind of EP that is so beguiling and unquestionably introspective, that Diosa Art can only rise from here.

OFFICIAL LINKS: IG –Krazziikreative / IG- StrateDolo_MusicGroup / APPLE MUSIC

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