May 19, 2024

Alex Morris aka Sirrom is an American artist. He started rapping in 2020 but has always loved hip hop. He is known for his hit single “Big Ole Hater” where he address all his doubters of what he can do and accomplish. Sirrom now bounces back with his latest single, “What I Said” ft. OG Sel. The question is, how will one of rap’s new wordsmiths cement his previous accomplishment? Fan expectations will obviously have been high. Living up to expectations is what separates the good from the great. To know Sirrom is to see a rapper who aims for greatness. Let’s see if he hit the mark with his latest single.

The style is conversational, almost laidback. The bars are cold, and Sirrom isn’t wasting a word. The wordplay will have you coming back. Sirrom has such an ease to his lyricism here. He’s a fluid wordsmith. He finds a rhythm and stays on course. “What I Said” ft. OG Sel is a song that moves without a hurry, yet it stays intensely busy. If you have a mellow banger playlist, this would be at the top.

Sirrom is also a good writer. The kind of poet who uses imagery to give the listener a portrait of his thoughts. The beat moves well around his words, and those of OG Sel, who perfectly maintains the overall mood and groove of the song.

Together, their confidence makes every bar sharp. They keep the tempo constant, but there’s infectious energy here, as they take rap back to the fundamentals without losing that air of contemporary artistry.

The percussion slaps without hitting too hard, while Sirrom muses without letting any idea linger too long; a thinker who doesn’t overthink his message. But he has a way of making you feel like there’s always more for him to get off his chest.

“What I Said” ft. OG Sel is a declaration of authenticity and a dedication to delivering Sirrom’s inner feelings, engorged with smooth raps and brimming with wordplay.

“What I Said” ft. OG Sel is Sirrom at his most honest and his most essential, enabling us to understand a part of who he is. Here, Sirrom chooses not to pander for commercial replay value in his sonic choices, but makes a catchy tune all the same. It’s indicative of an artist looking to get even more out of his craft than what he currently has done this far. The musicality invokes the lyricism, which in turn captivates the audience.

Sirrom’s ability to make the audience empathize with his messages has never been more mesmerizing. The flows beneath the surface of every phrase, engages the listener without the rapper having to raise his voice to bombastic levels.

“What I Said” ft. OG Sel is one of those smooth musical blends with surefooted, resonant vocals that web together the track’s diverse parts for a mesmerizing listening experience.


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