July 23, 2024

The single “Anytime” ft. Mr. Maph and Produced by Armani Depaul, is at its strongest when it goes full in on that mesmerizingly simple urbane aesthetic, while M-Dash rides the beat with a relaxed nod and making good on his promise to deliver the most authentic experience possible. The track is a satiny, seductive, and soulful look at an evening of close-up loving and smoking. The common truths of uninhibited entertainment between two passionate souls take on new meaning when stripped away from the common bells and whistles.

M-Dash gives the song a rich, full deliverance. The tone helps its message come off as easily relatable — something that’ll convince the listener to actually take in these seductive anecdotes. It’s a masterful feat brought to conclusion by the soul-searching croon of Mr. Maph on the hook. He pulls the listener in for a brief melodic interlude that trickles from the ears and rolls down to the nape of the neck before thrusting its way into the listener’s soul.

M-Dash’s casual stream of consciousness raps push a deep and smooth erotic narrative. “Anytime” ft. Mr. Maph feels resoundingly fresh and against the grain. It’s more charismatic than what’s considered classic rap, yet more straightforward and streamlined than the usually top-heavy ideas we get from today’s modern rap paragons. M-Dash just wants to enjoy practicing his craft without having to deal with the paranoia his contemporaries show in trying to reach that goal.

M-Dash has picked up the promising pieces from his previous banging “Monopolize” release, putting together a distinctive and smoother sound with an even sharper sheen. While the previous track solidified his reputation, with “Anytime” ft. Mr. Maph, M-Dash adds undeniable musicianship to his already impressive arsenal. M-Dash leans into his role of rapper, and though his lyrical assault is relentless, it never feels forced.

M-Dash casually strings together words, bar by bar, calmly constructing his own lyrical odyssey weaved through smoke and passion. His execution is always flawless and delivered with trademark ease. M-Dash is comfortable and focused, openly brandishing his rhyming weaponry.

There’s a distinct feeling you get while listening to his material that he’s awake, and switched on. Throw on any of his songs, and what you’ll get is something head-and-shoulders above many of the things that his contemporaries are doing.

M-Dash continues to refine his ability to captivate with his resonating flows wrapped it in silk sheen. “Anytime” ft. Mr. Maph deserves a replay once it’s finished to realize the breadth of the artist’s performance. Let the track suck you in with its smoothness and hook you with its groove; the music makes the journey well worth it. M-Dash’s star is undoubtedly on the rise with “Anytime” ft. Mr. Maph.

M-Dash also owns his own clothing line: www.escalatedfashions.com

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