June 14, 2024

“Peace Of Mind” ft. RFL, is a single by Junior Chem, a small-town Hip Hop artist out of South Dakota, United States. RFL (Running From Life) comes from the same region, and together, the two artists’ goal is to help people forget about their problems for a short period of time and to make them feel like they are not alone. If you face struggles with relationships, depression, anxiety or are fighting any other mental and emotional demons on a daily basis, you will find solace in the mere fact that Junior Chem and RFL share their thoughts on the battle to find inner peace, within this track.

Junior Chem

“I am trying to find my own peace of mind. I thought you were by my side. I can’t let go. I am trying to fight, my hands are so sore. I though you would always be mine. I can’t let go,” recites the opening hook on “Peace Of Mind” ft. RFL, before the first verse comes rolling in: “Every day I wake up from a dream that’s like a movie. My arms and legs are tied and it feels like I am sinking. Tryna pull myself up but the ropes are getting tighter. The demons in my head screaming, Stop tryna be a fighter.”

The tone is set, and the theme is clear, as Junior Chem delves into life’s mental and emotional intricacies as the song moves ahead. His brutally honest confessions and unguarded deliveries are an integral part of the new rap scene, where vulnerability and personal truths are no longer taboo. Chem goes deep into the recesses of his mind, giving listeners a panoramic view of it’s inner-workings.

Most importantly, “Peace Of Mind” ft. RFL is not only an intimate work, but it’s a fascinating sonic adventure from start to finish. The shimmering guitars, warm basslines and thoughtful percussion, mix in with dreamy background whistling, and contemplative raps.  The lyrics come across not only as genuine, but extremely heartfelt as well. Yet there is no sign of any overwhelming melodrama to be found anywhere.


Both Junior Chem and RFL keep their performances understated and low key, allowing the lyrics and the melodic hook to take center stage. They do this with calculated precision, using restrained emotion and sophistication to paint a vivid portrait of the issues at hand. Though laidback, Junior Chem’s vocals are razor sharp as he glides around the instrumentation effortlessly in a conversational tone that drives its messages home.

The melodic vocals on the hook, also does plenty to enhance the absorbing instrumental, as once again, the track strikes the right balance here, blending the mellow crooning with lyrics that stick in the mind. The final verse points towards a possible liberation, as Junior Chem raps: “Through this dark world, I wanna feel like I matter. I’m tired of sitting here trapped inside my head. It’s finally time to go and put these demons to bed.”

“Peace Of Mind” ft. RFL is instantly accessible, in both its lyrics and the beat, as everything unfolds in a smooth and natural way.


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