May 28, 2024

Doottak can do no wrong. The incredibly photogenic and talented singer, songwriter, producer just released his debut studio single, “Star Shining on My Head” and is changing pop music for the better. In times like today when nobody knows which direction pop music should going, Doottak created a track that looks toward the future, by fusing R&B with pop and alternative sounds. He is a genre-bending chameleon with an alluring melancholic voice. With his own unique sound, he makes it impossible to categorize his music into only one specific genre. “Star Shining on My Head” is an insanely interesting first project for a young artist.

With an open-minded and forward thinking mentality on this unique track, Doottak accomplishes a lot, in a short amount of time, and with a minimal collection of instruments. The result is a song that is simple, yet complex, awesome and thoroughly intimate. A muted, thumping bass drum is underlined by a delicately strummed acoustic guitar, and perfectly placed shimmers of piano motifs followed by sparse bass ruminations.

On top of it all, Doottak’s alluring conversational vocal-tone weaves a captivating web of nuances and vibes. The track saunters and slides over a slow and steady beat, while maintaining an infectious rhythm. It is clear that Doottak channels all of his energy into making addictive tracks like “Star Shining on My Head”. And he does it so well. Under the slow burning groove, there is turbulent emotion buried in his songwriting.

Doottak is taking pop music and completely turning it on its head with his minimalistic approach, and emotional flare. You cannot put him in a box, as he defies every music genre with ridiculous talent. There is something so compelling about his performance on “Star Shining on My Head” that you get the feeling, no matter what kind of music he produces, it is safe to assume that his charismatic creativity would carry its musical success.

There’s enough fascinating stuff happening musically on “Star Shining on My Head” that I’m cautiously optimistic about where Doottak might go next. He seems to be in search of something substantial to communicate through his music, not just simple every day anecdotes. Doottak’s knack for creating music that highlights candid human emotion and expression through a simple melody with nostalgic familiarity is on full display throughout this single.

As mentioned previously, “Star Shining on My Head” is ripe with minimal, but sticky instrumentation, especially the piano motifs, which add a stroke of genius to the production. Doottak has created a single that serves as a commendable exercise in building a quality debut project for the modern music era. No doubt, it brings a sense of freshness and intrigue to the scene.

Overall, this is an excellent starting point for the artist, who proves that he comfortably belongs in an extremely competitive music industry. There are big things on the horizon for Doottak, if he continues to deliver music like “Star Shining on My Head”.

MORE ABOUT: Doottak is an independent singer-songwriter who produces his own music from start to finish, infusing smooth R&B vocals with the unique sounds he creates from guitar, piano and Midi. Having lived in different parts of the world including Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, Doottak’s musical inspiration comes from diverse settings, from the bustling cityscape to the quite, remote countryside. As a multi-culturalist, Doottak works to combine the best of diverse worlds, with tints of pop, R&B, and contemporary rock mixed in his music.


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