May 18, 2024

Born Eric Garcia, B’zurkk is a motivated, disciplined and fiercely independent artist who writes, performs, mixes and produces his own music. Born in Portales and raised in Clovis, NM, the rapper is now based in Englewood, CO. B’zurkk’s music is centered on atmospheric beats and emotive rhymes, which he draws from life experiences. Considering his songs are full of raw emotions, the emerging rapper is surprisingly patient. His deliveries are never rushed or overwhelmingly loud.

B’zurkk juggles original and unusual flows on his single “Re’Rage”, as they mesh together, enhancing the emotion and the momentum of the track. Nuance, mood and tone are important elements in B’zurkk’s toolkit as he works to bring across real sentiments and feelings. He worms through his own human condition, never just delivering talking points, but seeking the emotion within.

If you’re open-minded about the game and its aesthetics, the first listen to “Re’Rage” will leave you with chills from head to toe. B’zurkk’s overall attitude and flow is so far removed from today’s trending rappers, as he beats his own stylistic path. It’s a sign B’zurkk is an artist aspiring to endure, one wholly capable of taking his creative fuel and transforming it into that is his very own.

“Re’Rage” features B’zurkk’s finest display of his distinctive rapping, and all at once he confronts a bag of topics, in what sounds like a pensive banger. His voice is gritty and grounded, as he uncannily holds a conversational tone, while turning up the speed dial. And he strikes a masterful balance. I’ve been waiting for a long time to hear such a realistic, unpretentious work from a rapper, as most are chasing the holy grail of gloss and superficiality.

B’zurkk’s high aspirations probably won’t immediately afford him the visibility of his more frivolous contemporaries acting for attention, but it will put him into the deeper-thinking discussion, when it comes to artists who develop their own ideas. “Re’Rage” provides a refreshing and therapeutic musical experience for those who are exasperated by the same cloned voices being dished out daily.

B’zurkk skillfully structures and balances the tone and mood of his delivery for major emotional impact, without once raising his voice. In fact there are moments when he brings it down to a whisper with chilling effect. If you’re looking to judge B’zurkk skills following the conventional formulas, you’re on the wrong train. B’zurkk is a profound creator who prefers to tackle the reality of issues with the originality they deserve, rather than conform to what’s current.

For this reason alone B’zurkk deserves to be commended. His reality shapes his delivery, style and sound. He writes with an analytical exactness rarely found in the contemporary hip-hop scene, and delivers with an understated passion that’s even rarer. While B’zurkk’s delivery and tone are powerful weapons he wields masterfully throughout this project, “Re’Rage” is also high-level display of storytelling skills.

B’zurkk masterfully paints his images, delivers his thoughtful lines, and conceptually binds together “Re’Rage” in a way that serves as not only a therapy session for himself, but his audience as well. This is what separates B’zurkk from his contemporaries. The true embodiment of what it means to be an artist.

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