May 29, 2024

Mac-M is an upcoming rapper from the Netherlands who has been building an impressive catalog in short amount of time. New underground rappers are creating some of the most exciting movements in hip-hop. They are serving, healthy helpings of lyricism, swagger, and star-power to an industry that is thriving with creativity. Unsigned rappers are in full force and disrupting the idea that only one king can reign supreme, widening the talent pool and creating easy access for fans looking for new artists to support. Mac-M is part of this new wave of rappers, but his story is different.

Born May 27, 1993, from a young age Mac-M (Mac McAdam) was always into sports. Having to deal with weak damaged knees and suffering from lower back problems, he decided to start fitness training. It wasn’t long before he began to compete in bodybuilding. This led to him winning the Mr. Universe World Championship in 2016 at the age of twenty three.

After six years of bodybuilding he made a huge change in his lifestyle and lost about ninety pounds of muscle. His new physique and look, induced agencies to offer him modelling assignments, which once again took him on a new adventure to Los Angeles for modelling shoots and competitions.

Mac-M moved from L.A. to stay with his family in Florida, but went back to the Netherlands to participate in a reality show. He lived in Amsterdam for a while, but things became difficult when the Corona-pandemic started, preventing him from going back to the US. That’s when his grandmother passed away. Unable to attend her funeral, he wanted to do something special and wrote a song for her. And that’s how his music career started.

Falling in love with music Mac-M found a producer by the name of Jay Bordeaux, with whom he had such a good vibe, that they decided to team up and show the world what they were capable of. With his track, “Fake”, Mac-M has proven herself to be a serious contender in rap and hip-hop. The 28-year-old has entered a new lane in his career and is not releasing his foot from the gas. He quickly shows his undeniable talent and ability to create with intention.

Mac-M’s raps are steady and deadpan without any fluff or frills. He cuts straight to core, as his words roll endlessly into one another. “What is real, what is fake? You for real, or you a snake?” asks Mac-M openly. It seems like he hardly pauses to take a breath as he dives into a double-timed flow in a deep-throated voice.

Moody and mindful is where Mac-M is at his best, but he can do great club tracks and easy listening vibes, too. Moreover his personal discography is proof that rappers don’t always need features as extra support.

You might think that producing large quantities of music means sacrificing quality, but Mac-M doesn’t miss. He has dropped at least 8 singles this year, all of which hit the mark in diversity and listenability. No doubt, his voice is both unmistakable and unique, which is a vital element in standing out from the masses that are currently swamping the genre. The panache his voice brings to the songs is infectious, and the music production is no different.

Most importantly, Mac-M’s flow, vocal tones and rhyme schemes are based on his own personal template, which again sets him apart from the crowd. “Fake” proves that Mac-M has great potential, and the best thing is, he’s just getting started.


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