May 21, 2024

Kid on The Roof (sometimes stylized as KOTR) is a multi-talented recording artist from the United States. His music is usually written in allegorical and narrative form, with each track connecting in its own unique way. “Every song that I make has its own purpose in the universe that I’m creating,” says KOTR. “Most of the things I write don’t personally pertain to me, as I think music should be there as an aid for the consumer- and not as a soapbox for me to tell others how much better I am than them. I’m just a messenger, my inspiration comes from powers beyond my comprehension,” he concludes.

With stirring lyricism and expertly tailored production, Kid on The Roof continues his hot streak singles and revs up his solo career. He is ready to go big time, and has the potential to considerably widen his fan-base. Still at the beginning of his career, each of his tracks surpass all expectations.

His latest release, “Cruise Control” solidifies Kid on The Roof as a lyrical force, lining up his career for bigger things to come.  The single delivers on its promise of being in sharp contrast to the rest of 2021’s hip-hop releases.

It’s a star-making turn for the rapper, who manages to bring a lavish and languid production, together with focused wordplay, which makes for an exhilarating listen front to back. I

t’s also one of the most mesmerizing rap singles of the year, running more like a singer-songwriter level of consciousness and less of an over-zealous rapper.  With talent like this, it’s no wonder Kid on The Roof is prepped for world domination, while the hits are expected to come soon.

The emphasis on a shimmering and soulful beat on “Cruise Control” makes for a drastic departure from the bombastic approach of his contemporaries, and the strenuous and drawn out feeling of trap. Instead, Kid on The Roof’s latest outing is his tightest, leaving very little fat to be trimmed -if any at all.

The song finds Kid on The Roof tapping into his stream of highly pondered introspection, and it’s a crisp, soulful exhibition from an emcee with talent to burn. It’s a diverse but succinct track, one that drops street grit in favor of an emotional pull.

Expertly thought through, the production on “Cruise Control” perfectly matches the vocal elements, as Kid on The Roof adds another compelling layer to his story and music.

There is a realism and genuineness that shines through in KOTR’s work that quickly makes him one of the more interesting artist’s in the underground game, especially when so many in hip hop chase and promote faked imagery, backed by superficial music. Kid on The Roof balances roots and tradition with new school thoughts and innovative ideas.

Every part of the lyricism throughout this song is just dripping with passion and impactful wordplay. Kid on The Roof gives you everything you want out of an excellent single, and then some with “Cruise Control”. The lyricism, production, and the theme, are all flawless. He has delivered great tracks before, like “Make This Alright” and “Pictures On The Wall”, but with this record he reaches a whole new level of greatness in my mind.


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