May 21, 2024

Da-Mind is am a local hip hop artist from Atlanta Ga, originally from Beaufort SC. He moved to Atlanta after high school to chase a dream of being a successful hip hop artist. Aside from being an artist, Da-Mind is a songwriter and the CEO of Da-Mind Ent LLC.

Wow is one word to describe the latest single that has been released by hip-hop artist Da-Mind. While all of hip-hop artist’s songs bring their own unique flair, “My Best Life” is a song that really makes its presence known on your everyday playlist. He manages to strike a great balance between the cinematic production and his street delivery.

If you are just getting into Da-Mind and you do not know much about him or his music, I believe that “My Best Life” is a great place to start. The single stands as a powerful statement on Da-Mind’s determination and tenacity to enjoy life, in our troubled times, taking it day by day.

Da-Mind is on radio rotation with the track “My Best Life”.


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