May 27, 2024

The single “Smoke” is a work that explores Jaron Harris’ many sounds and styles; from hip-hop and electronic to cinematic auras, the 4 minute record is a remarkable experience brimming with emotion and groove. A young artist since childhood, there is no doubting the technical work at play in Harris’ music, as the brilliant auras of sound and feeling, swirl together to create moments of sonic bliss. The single is an experience that invites listeners to come together and listen to what the producer has to say. It’s not only an excellent achievement by Jaron Harris, on both emotional and technical levels, but also one of his most fascinating releases to date.

Step right up and prepare to be astonished by the powerful concatenations of sound beamed directly from the mind of Jaron Harris. The producer has been on an upward swing all of 2021, with a series of single releases, such as “Urban”, “Feelings”, “Night Drive”, and “Heaven & Hell”.

His productions are all-embracing and can’t be easily labeled as one thing or another, which I believe is by Harris’ design. What “Smoke” does is explore the sonic world of Jaron Harris further, so take time to savor his compositional muscle and well curated rhythms.

All of Jaron Harris’ skills come together to make a dense and exciting record to get lost in. Harris’ beats are visceral listening experiences, and “Smoke” is no different. A rhythm and the bang of the drums you feel in your bones, a deep burning bassline, and a melody that appears out of a haze of strings.

The hi-hats turn on a dime, while the chords intertwine with hip hop sensibilities. This is prime Jaron Harris. A real head bobber and a resonant bass line that pushes you along. The more you listen, the more it will grow on you.

Jaron Harris’ arrangements stay wondrous as usual, carrying a gravitas that has been present in all his recent creative work. Harris is firmly in his own orbit here: twisting, pivoting, driving the momentum of the beat, while introducing creative flourishes along the way.

As the track unfolds, Harris weaves together his musical threads with hints of narrative sitting just beyond the horizon. Throughout “Smoke”, there’s a sense of something threatening in the background – from the eerie breathing to the ethereal voicings.

All these shifts in tone should be jarring, and it’s hard to think of many producers who could transition this soundscape as smoothly as Jaron Harris does. His auditory imagination is far more steeped in epic cinematic and atmospheric musings than anything you would simply spit a rhyme over.

But the beat is so hard and precise, you could do that effortlessly too. Harris doesn’t leave much room for wallowing; any spaces in the production is largely filled with glowing ethereality and the exploration of his craft.

On “Smoke” Jaron Harris, perfects his ability to create symphony-like productions using electronic sounds and hip hop rhythms. And more than previous works, he expands the range of these sounds to an even more impressive scale that brings listeners on a sensory roller coaster and leaves them craving more.


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