May 24, 2024

style=”text-align: justify;”>Welcome to the new generation. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Raféu – a mixed-race singer, actor, model, dancer, teacher, choreographer, writer, and director of South Asian, Middle Eastern as well as oriental descent – is not concerned with the baggage of past conventional wisdom, of how society or the industry says you should be, or do something. Raféu has only one concern. To be the absolute best person, and musician he can be, making exactly the music he wants to make, while living life with his own vision in sight. There are no boundaries and no limits – his world is all about inclusion. Raféu’s passion for music has taken him from making catchy pop songs, to creating more expansive and mind-bending music theater plays.

His “Rafeu TV Show” brings on board a broad range of people embracing diversity and engaging them to express socially conscious issues, creating role models and building connections that go a long way towards breaking barriers and thereby opening up society.

Together with his theatrics group Raféu also plays a captivating role in “Orpheus Optimal” which is a musical that joyfully delivers the romantic tale of Orpheus and Eurydice into contemporary times. Here Raféu cleverly exploits his creative constraints, role ambiguity, weekend preparations, and performance fright as well.

Raféu music is a fluid creative expression of a desire to do things differently. A desire to forge your own path. And it all comes to life on the single “Moonlight”, which anticipates his upcoming EP. It’s an amorphous, ever-changing experience.

Sometimes the driving electronic sounds will cling and rub against the momentum-pushing beat, and sometimes they will sound sweet and blissed out, under Raféu evocative vocals: “Please baby come over. Under the moonlight. I wanna lay you down and fuck tonight. Under the moonlight.”

For Raféu, one thing is at the heart of his musical creativity, and that’s the emotional resonance of his songs and words. This is not a fickle sonic experiment, but a song rooted in deep impulsive feeling. The song is produced by prodbymatze, the beat and Raféu’s soulfully resonant vocals match perfectly.

Touting unabashedly smooth flows, Raféu will be able to turn heads with relatable lyricism and melodic vocal cadences consistent with the new wave pop and electronic movements. It’s extremely hard not to admire the talent he possesses.

Assembling vocal hooks and lyrics that not only get stuck in your head, the production strategy behind “Moonlight” is also a star of the show. In short, Raféu has pulled out all the stops in this single – creating a unique listening experience for all that immerse themselves in it.

After the single “High”, this new song is yet another chance to illustrate Raféu’s constant artistic evolution. He sounds like he is many steps ahead of his contemporaries, as “Moonlight” certainly does its job in letting Raféu further exemplify his talent for creating a catchy tune that will reach a wide audience.

“Moonlight” has a sound that envelops you, allowing you to slowly sink into it. The track is saturated with memorable lines, sometimes heartfelt and sometimes flexing, but always clever, passionate and mindful. After each listen, Raféu’s creative art becomes much more enjoyable, to the point of being addicting.

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Facebook: @RafeuOfficialMusic /Raféu

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