May 28, 2024

Wavi Lee grew up on the west side of Dayton, OH and lived in a couple of projects surrounded by drugs, gangs, and violence. Basketball was an outlet to keep him out of trouble along with a solid 2-parent home teaching him values. Lee has a faith and belief system built on a relationship with Jesus Christ and that is very important to him along with family and reflecting the principals of his faith. Although his music doesn’t necessarily highlight that anymore it’s still imperative to the artist. Wavi Lee was surrounded by sound his whole life which was mainly supplied by the music loved by both his dad and grandpa, covering a whole lot of ground from the 60’s and 70’s onward.

Wavi Lee has rebranded himself as an artist, with a new name, sound, and wave, dropping two new singles in the process – “She Luv” ft. Biddl3 and “L.U.T.D. Load Up The Drac”. Thanks to its years of commercial hegemony, numbness has crept into a lot of rap and trap music: The oppressive eternal recurrence of a genre stuck in a rut. Many have made incredible music in the past, but they’ve mostly lost whatever spark they had.

There’s not a whole lot of incentive to keep innovating once you’ve found a comfortable cultural and commercial sweet spot. So a lot of this music is ferociously boring. If you’re paying enough attention, and listening with open enough ears, this is not the case with Wavi Lee. He has been working overtime to push excellence.

Lee’s music sounds like nothing else. It bends and blurs and wobbles, evoking the euphoria of something fresh. At its best, it’s melodic and beautiful as it is on “She Luv” ft. Biddl3. Wavi Lee has been secretly moving towards this sensibility for a while now. He raps over gooey, echo-drenched acoustic guitars and airy synth tones, finding a playfully hazy variant of the new wave sound.

Wavi Lee is a restless mind with a whole lot of ideas about how to present himself to the world. And he pushes his sound further than anyone else on “L.U.T.D. Load Up The Drac”, which is produced by Pedro Paes from Brazil.

“This record came about just catching a vibe in the studio and going off what I heard visually,” explains Wavi Lee“Load Up the Drac isn’t really about the gun, but more like – load up my sound, my style, and that I’m coming – so it was all fun and games until I wanted to play,” he concludes.

Wavi Lee voice is a piercing arrow on “L.U.T.D. Load Up The Drac”, and he’s got incredibly rhythmic command over it. As a technical rapper, Wavi Lee is impeccable, capable of darting in and out and around his beats.

Much like Young Thug, he seems to find a new melody and a new cadence every few lines. His voice twists and twirls, creating the same sort of hypnotic effect. As a result, the music has a lot of the reality-bending warmth. In the modern era of melodically inclined projects, Wavi Lee does everything right.

On both of these songs, Wavi Lee raises his game and delivers projects that not only stand up to multiple listens, but also encourages them as well. He demonstrates his slick ability to slip from one style to another in the blink of an eye, proving that more than anyone else, he clearly deserves a spot in the conversation.


1 thought on “Wavi Lee – “She Luv” ft. Biddl3 and “L.U.T.D. Load Up The Drac”

  1. Wavi Lee is definitely multifaceted. His vision goes beyond the “ideal” rapper in the game. He will execute his goals and talents. He stands on a solid foundation of faith. You better catch the wave and load up the Drac, before you get left behind.
    Congratulations Wavi Lee it’s only up from here bro!

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