May 29, 2024

Co-Founder and artist of Loyalty Over Royalty Records – a family business based out of San Diego, CA, but originally from St. Louis, MO – Jay Staxx accumulated a big following in October 2018 for the role he played as Diaper Man going viral on multiple platforms numerous times. Jay also faced tragedy in 2019 when his mother, Tameka Russell, passed away. He took it hard because the last time he had seen her was 5 years before that tragic event. Jay Staxx has since put himself back together again, and is hard on his grind. In particular he has his single “Cosmic” doing the rounds.

 Indeed, Jay Staxx doesn’t waste anyone’s time with this brief and concise record, which is only a sampler platter of Jay’s sheer talent and performance abilities. It’s no secret in the rap game that talent and success are not directly correlated.

If that were the case, Jay Staxx would be dominating the charts, and he would be popular well beyond the realm of what he has achieved up until now. He holds himself to a higher standard than many of his musical contemporaries, and I believe his attitude will eventually get him up there.

Jay Staxx possesses that rare talent to turn even the simplest lyrics into something complex and intricate. His voice is his instrument, and he uses that instrument to craft lyrical flows with currents far too lively to overlook.

“Cosmic” cements the status of his impeccable flow and mesmeric voice. Jay rewards his fans by giving them what they like and capitalizing on flow rather than melody. Jay Staxx deploys an arsenal of styles, including a soft, slow, smooth voice and his faster rapping speed to make this track unlike any of his previous ones.

Known for his unique sound, Jay Staxx’s music contains playful rhymes, vibrant flows, and consistent head-banging energy. On “Cosmic”, Jay Staxx delivers light, witty bars that keep coming at you. Jay uses his incredible lyrical talent both for pleasure and for purpose.

Every time he grabs hold of a mic, he’s there for a good time and for sending out messages. “Cosmic” is a testament to Jay’s skill and ingenuity, and a glimpse at ideas still taking shape, proving his music is only getting better.

Considering the work that he has done Jay Staxx should elevating at a rapid rate soon. He shows his ability with clever word play throughout the song that doesn’t feel forced. Jay is able to switch up his flow at will, and go back and forth indiscernibly. This is pure grit, and a tome to his roots.

He shows all his sides, he can be quick and funny, and aggressive and booming. It also clear that he working to expand his sound and taking more chances in his lyrics and production. Jay Staxx shines very brightly in everything he does. He is clearly progressing as an artist, and it will be exciting to see where he goes from this point.

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