May 27, 2024
Jean M Nelson

Jean M Nelson is on radio rotation with the track “Party Night” featuring Natasha L Nelson. Jean M Nelson is an Artist, Musician, Director, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer, Cinematographer, Editor and Actor, Award Winning Writer/Film Director. He’s a native of Haiti, and currently living in New Jersey. Due to his love for art and commitment to nothing but the best, the 45-year-old award-winning film writer, director, and producer is a living inspiration to many upcoming youths with a great zeal for music, composing and cinematography.

Since his inception into the career, nothing would take away his love for cinematography and music production, making him one of the most respected persons in the Hollywood cinema production arena. Due to his outstanding cinematography, film directing, editing, and writing prowess; he does it beyond the imagination.

Natasha L Nelson

Between June and October 2020, Jean M Nelson invited Natasha L Nelson to be a part of one of his musical albums called ‘Unforgettable’. They worked through it while filming their second film ‘The Wonders of the Witches’, which is the first short film series ever produced by Media Vision Films Productions. The album ‘Unforgettable’, which features 12 tracks, has been completed and is soon to be released on November 26th 2021.

Artist, Actress, Producer, and Writer, Natasha L Nelson was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States Of America at an early age, where she grew up, and ventured into the world of movies, filmography, cinematography and music. She works closely with Jean M Nelson.


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