May 18, 2024

When there is such a huge and dominating amount of daily releases looming over a genre and era of music, it can be hard for an artist to stand out in new and interesting ways. It can be tough to stay in the same lane and yet sound like you’re doing something different. Colorado Springs base Rapper/Beat maker Gmoney has been making an impressive effort with his many releases, to stand out from the crowd. And to prove that mission statement, he brings us his single “I’m a Savage”, which he produced and rapped on. Here Gmoney gets straight to the point, and tells you pretty much all you need to know about his art – both the beat and his delivery are immediate and impactful.

Underpinning all of the above, and making the song “I’m a Savage” as powerful as it is, is that any listener who has been paying attention to the genre will know that Gmoney is extremely able at blending old school elements with alternative new wave flavors for a flamboyant and eclectic sound. At the same time, he can go from minimalistic soundscapes to busier, more complex arrangements.

What perhaps makes “I’m a Savage” one of the most effecting of the songs in Gmoney’s catalog, is how its seriousness is originally obscured by its sound – the bouncy, guttural beat and the mesmerizing vocal performance.

“I’m a Savage” is a consistently powerful and throbbing single. The bumping and handclapping beat, leaves plenty of room for you to revel in Gmoney’s free-flowing delivery, which is resonant but easy on the ear.

The rapper/producer also throws a couple mesmerizing vocal effects into the mix, which offers some nice variety to his smart conversational flow. These are primary weapons in Gmoney’s artistic arsenal. The project feels beautifully intimate.

Gmoney doesn’t need to put on an act or drench his delivery with manufactured bravado, because he believes what he’s saying, and maybe you should too. The artist’s confident delivery infuses these words with a self-pride so unapologetic that you have to respect it.

Gmoney imbues the piece with a wonderfully nostalgic haze that one can’t help but lean back into. It’s hard not to have a good time when you see someone so deftly navigate their craft, without wanting to copy or clone any of their peers.

You are exposed to one man, in a single situation, devoid of context. It’s a journey through Gmoney’s uncovering of the many parts that make him who he is. His flow and delivery are both impeccable, yet sound very grounded and organic. The auditory aspect is rounded off by clean production across the track.

“I’m a Savage” shows the inner craft of a true artist who wants to give his fans from start to finish, himself and what he is about.  Gmoney is definitely the sort of artist I like seeing, one with ambition, solid wordplay, and some great production to back it up. While at the same time, never sounding like anyone else or pandering to the mainstream Top 40 sound.


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