May 26, 2024

Am3r3 is an artist from Toronto. Am3r3’s music sounds like a blend of R&B/Pop styled vocals mixed with futuristic-sounding instrumentals. Am3r3 mixes, engineers and masters everything himself.  Including the cover artwork to the music video design and editing. On his latest single, “Don’t Be Afraid”, the artist combines his wry lyricism and euphoric vocal platitudes over syrupy synths and gently rumbling basslines. He is his own best feature, multi-layering echoing hooks and soulful exclamations to great and endearing effect. The production work is superb, the vocals top-rate, and the songwriting on-point.

Am3r3’s enviable vocal versatility and affinity for gorgeously dramatic song-craft, makes an irresistible combo. For all the record’s buoyant groove and wavy neo-R&B, it is inescapably full of sultriness.

Looking at the other tracks in his catalog, its’ clear that Am3r3’s penchant for shape-shifting sounds has become his signature, showing that he is reaching out to the next generation of empowered musical fans. All-round his original and eclectic script is alive and well here.

Am3r3 trades in an intoxicating brand of R&B awash with magnetic appeal and an undeniable charisma. Vocally, he delivers a complete, passionate, and soulful performance. Artistically, he understands his musical identity and niche, continuing to excel without a doubt. Am3r3 can be defined an innovator, producing bold, infectious music that disregards genre limitations. “Don’t Be Afraid” is a striking and ambitious single that remains both conceptual and captivating.

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