May 24, 2024

SnapDibz is an independent American born Indian rapper who is making mainstream pop/hip-hop music.  After years of creating underground music with DJ Dibz, Snap continued to create music while DJ Dibz backed out.  Keeping the SnapDibz name, rmy first professionally produced EP “Levels,” in 2/2020 and the EP introduced SnapDibz to the world.  It made waves across the globe with hits like “You and I” and “Masterplan.”  Two months later.m,  “The Climb” was released, which appealed to many with its heart felt music video in response to Covid-19.

Many singles followed with various sounds showing SnapDibz’s versatility including “Unbreakable,” the pure hip-hop banger with its unique blend of Indian fusion into the beat and the 2020 closer “Done Believing,” which has been compared by many to Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way you Lie,,” as it blends the beautiful melodic female chorus with Snap’s quick hitting verses.  SnapDibz also has been working on many collaboration projects  with the pop sensation Rey Khan, who SnapDibz has worked with in the past as well.

The first recent release From the project was “Backwards in my Head,” which has now became the most streamed SnapDibz song on Spotify approaching a quarter million streams. The most recent release on November 11/5 was “Rivals” which has done well and continues to attract new listeners.  On January 7th, 2022, SnapDibz will bring in the new year with the 5th release from the SnapDibz and Rey collaboration project titled “On My Mind,” a track you don’t want to miss!


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