May 26, 2024

A quintet of talented singers, songwriters, and musicians hailing from Detroit, MI, is an outstanding band, “CRUISE CONTROL SOUL.” Consisting of lead singers Hollis Jordan and A’mor Shanee’ with guitarist/vocalist Darell Campbell, Cruise Control Soul is known for writing and performing music that cuts across a wide blend of the old-school R&B style with sparks of the new school style. All their music is released under Detroit, MI’s record label “Cruise Control Music LLC.”

With a unique sound and stunning vocals, the band principally leans towards the gifted lead singers Hollis Jordan and A’mor Shanee’. Hollis Jordan, born Jordan Hollis McGraw from Detroit, MI, is a 24-year old R&B artist that has had most of his life rooted in music. Since he was a young lad, Jordan had a passion for music. While he attended Malcolm X Academy, he auditioned and was chosen to be the lead singer in the All-boys choir by CEO of Motor City Praise Records. His talent carried the choir to significant stages where they successfully achieved multiple awards. Hollis has continued with his outstanding performances even within the band that are vividly realized in the band’s recent releases. His voice is hair-raising and a rare knack.

Another backbone of the Cruise Control Soul band is the gifted songwriter A’mor Shanee’. Over the years she has been featured in many venues and shows performing at local bars and clubs in Detroit. A’mor also had a chance to perform with the famous band “Shell” at Fox Theater. In 2007, she was invited to join Katt Williams’ Pimp’n Pimp’n tour, on which she featured as one of the backups.

Together with Hollis Jordan and guitarist/vocalist Darell Campbell who has performed with numerous bands and shows, A’mor Shanee’ has proved to be one of the central cores of the Cruise Control Soul band with her unique songwriting style.

Check out Cruise Control Soul’s remake of Ed Sheeran’s hit song “Thinking Out Loud” produced by producer Darell “Red” Campbell using the link:

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