May 19, 2024

Avalanche The Architect is a battle rapper from the Bronx, New York who now lives in Toronto, Canada. Avalanche’s aggressive sounds has roots in his martial arts background, and in his lyrics you can often hear references to his training or actual martial arts. His influences musically, come from rappers like Redman, Canibus, EPMD, K Solo, Das Efx and artists similar to them. The pedigree and skills of Avalanche The Architect shines on the single “Juice In The Car”. This dense, detailed, and multi-layered work of slapping hardcore boom-bap art, is taken from the “Avalanche The Architect Diamond Album”.

As always, on “Juice In The Car”, the rapper schools a master’s class on delivery, technical flow, word-play, similes, metaphors, entendres, and the kitchen sink. While many might not know his catalog as much as those of his peers and influences, I would certainly argue that Avalanche The Architect is easily in the conversation when it comes to pure, great technical rapping and impacting delivery.

Though Avalanche admirably gives the instrumental aspects the care and room they deserve, it’s his voice that dominates the song. If you have an affinity for the old school core qualities of hip-hop, you will recognize that Avalanche The Architect is an extraordinarily talented rapper who will impress anybody that lays their ears upon his work.

From the opening vocal bars of “Juice In The Car”, Avalanche already asserts his authority over the listener. He bursts out of the gate with aggressive rhymes and abrasive tones. The beauty of his highly developed style though is he always maintains a story or a message.

Each rotation of “Juice In The Car” allows the listener to slowly peel back the onion on a mosaic of words and ideas, only to be rewarded each time. A ceiling many rappers from the battle-ridden 90s hip-hop scene could never quite breakthrough effectively.

Avalanche The Architect is determined to unify a fresh, energizing sound and conceptual goals with no compromise, compared to most rappers out there right now. His single has all the essentials; from wordplay to production, but what makes it refreshing listening is the fact that Avalanche actually has something to say.

Avalanche The Architect is a profound of example of why we love hip hop. He represents almost everything the heads love about the genre. A lot of personality and charisma, a taste for classic beats and production, and most of all an actual gift for intelligent and layered wordplay that deserves all of the praise it gets.

To me personally, it’s always refreshing when an emcee throws down the gauntlet in today’s hip-hop climate and comes out with a hard hitting song which has top notch lyrics and a quality beat. “Juice In The Car” is ambitious in its objective to not only raise the bar, but to include a concept while doing so.

Avalanche The Architect knows that the beat gets your soul and the words get your mind. Never one to hold back, the lyrical display on the single, throws the average rapper under the short bus with ease.

“Juice In The Car” is bombastic from the start, as Avalanche The Architect unfolds a series of braggadocio rhymes that explode with moxie. More than anything he stands to make his point loud and clear. His delivery is peerless, booming and energetic. Confirming that he is a whirlwind of verbal invention.


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