May 26, 2024

Farron Gordon and Dev Gajan do an outstanding job of trading rhymes and incorporating soaring male vocals with their rap and rock fusion, giving the album “Rockstars In The Making (New Year, New U.S.) (End Of 2021)”. The Melbourne, Florida, based artist, Farron Gordon and has been seriously making music since 2019.

Here he takes his music to a higher level, both in terms of musical construction and subject matter. On this recording, Farron turns up the volume on everything he has done before. Production-wise, lyrically, and conceptually, the album felt like a big undertaking. And as a result, it contains a lot of music, rhymes and melodies.

Farron Gordon is on radio rotation with the single “Shocker” which makes perfect use of Dev Gajan’s captivating vocal hooks, borrowing from the pop-punk oeuvre. In between, Farron Gordon creates the space to bring some substantial verses. The single is taken off the aforementioned album.



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