May 26, 2024

What do you get when you mix a soulful singer, a well-versed Reggae production, a whole lot of creativity, spice it up with bittersweet romantic experiences and let everything simmer on low heat for 4 minutes? A masterpiece called “U make me wanna cry”.  The chemistry of all its elements is instant and infectious. When you press play, you’ll get instantly blown away by Dezvelkito’s unique, melodic and incredibly powerful voice. In the real world, Dezvelkito is a filmmaker, writer, singer, biochemist, spiritual healer, spa developer and entrepreneur. He said he sings to “create a healthier world” – an idea born from the personal journey that includes the deep love for music he has had his entire life.

From the tropical instrumentation to the well-orchestrated breaks, from the breathtaking harmonies to the tangible energy radiating from the whole composition, “U make me wanna cry” will have you in awe. Moreover, Dezvelkito has a witty way with words, even in a song this sad. “I’ve been waiting for this day, to get a chance to say. That I married the women of my dreams. I quickly grabbed my ring, and went inside with a plan. On her knees, she was singing on his microphone. It blows!” sings Dezvelkito. The fascination this story of betrayal kindles, will hold you in its grip until the last note has faded.

It’s Dezvelkito’s timbre that makes the vision drafted by the music come alive, easily surpassing any expectations a riddim like this could have already evoked all by itself. The way the production plays with the instruments, rhythmic conventions and multiple harmonies is extremely exciting and showers us with fresh impulses.

A bubbling Rocksteady explosion, “U make me wanna cry” is a fantastic piece of innovative music, multilayered and surprising. With his gut approach, Dezvelkito manages to enter new musical dimensions with a classic Reggae groove. Gripping vocals, a fresh riddim, and authentic lyrics accompany this release.

Even the mixing and mastering stress the congenial tonal arrangement, not just by merging everything into a coherent whole, but highlighting each instrument, each vocal contribution perfectly.  The production style flaunts horns that are both regal and cleanly clipped in the arrangement, while the percussion is rhythmically intricate, and a strong focus is given to the layered vocal harmonies. All of which creates a haunting, emotive, and yet euphoric sounding track, which Dezvelkito rides with absolute confidence.

Vocally, Dezvelkito is impressive throughout. His distinctive style hones a rich and rounded tone. Rhythmically, he provides a highly detailed performance. He flits between his tenor voice, up into a soaring falsetto chorus, and then down into a lower baritone, showing off an impressive range. , “U make me wanna cry” is indeed a fine single. One that will astonish fans because of the novel avenues Dezvelkito takes – both vocally and lyrically – but this is what good artistry is all about.

“U make me wanna cry” is an exciting addition to Dezvelkito’s discography. He is an impressive talent, and this track allows him to fully fly in yet another new musical direction. Though “U make me wanna cry” is ultimately a sad, heartbreaking song, here Dezvelkito has delivered elevated music of the highest grade that will penetrate your ears, heart, mind and soul. The soulful Reggae groove seems to be a perfect fit for Dezvelkito’s vocal talents.


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