July 18, 2024

Mr. Feel is a Singer and Songwriter from Nigeria. Over the years Mr. Feel has as developed a diverse mix of Afro-Beats, Afro-fusion and Afro-Pop. His music combines the right ingredients of beats, vocals, lyrics and rhythm that is unique to his name and his brand.Mr. Feel’s musical talents became evident at a young age he accredits his passion for music to growing up listening to different genres. At the age of 9 his talent was evident when he started sing in in the church choir.

At 13 he recorded his first song WHY which was well received locally and internationally. In 2012 Mr. Feel took a hiatus from music to pursue his Bachelor’s in Quantity Surveying. In 2017, with the release of his smash hit YOGA, Mr. Feel was once again mesmerizing fans old, new and critics alike.

Mr. Feel has continued to release hits such as WOYO, I Can Not Kill Myself, Fast Life, Vibes, Who, Holy Water. All are available on all music platforms. As an unsigned independent artist Mr. Feel’s dedication, hard work and love of music shows in the success and his growing fan base.

On February 18th 2022 Mr. Feel’s  Single “On Guard” will be released followed by his highly anticipated EP “The Rising”.

Stay tuned for much more from the one and only Mr. Feel

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